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The Last Review” Metamorphosis by Vensus Sky


Artist: Venus Sky

Album: Metamorphosis

Style:  Urban Alternative, Neo-Soul, new wave, house

This artist could go on tour with:  The Internet, J-Davey, THEE Satisfaction, Neco Redd


Greetings beautiful people

This will be the last album review I write.  I want to take my blog more into the direction of social, personal, and visual artistic critiques.  I will occasionally post videos, or brief comments about music, but no more in-depth interrogation of people’s albums.   So it is my pleasure to present this write-up as my farewell album review blog.   I hope you enjoy it.

“Metamorphosis”; the debut EP from Detroit native Venus Sky is a space age, soul, psychedelic suite crafted for the urban avant-garde.   While listening to the project as a whole, I found myself nestling into some tracks more than others, but overall felt at peace and pleased that I could breathe the air on planet Venus.   The sound scape is rich with bassy hip hop drums.  There are futuristic chord progressions, space aged synthesizers, and clever breaks infusing traces of George Clinton-esque DNA into the mix.  The vocals are lovely, textured, and each song has a catchy melody, I find missing all to often in the work of contemporaries, who choose to take on the responsibility of being a soul singer.

Venus Sky laces every track with a deep sultry and rich alto moving like honey through the subconscious.  As opposed to a lot of other singers I hear these days, her voice blends in perfect with the sonic landscape crafted by producers “Black Bethoven” and “14 kt”(they are beast on the beats!).

The opening song “Sunrise” is the perfect thesis statement/groove, to set the tone for the entire EP.  “Space Shuttle” is an upbeat opus with great party chants in the background, “…get on board that space shuttle!”  It is the kind of song where one feels just as comfortable getting krump by oneself as they would grinding on a dance partner.

“Cosmic Stars” is a swagged out tune sung with the type of bravado usually saved for hip hop songs.  It’s sexy and feminine without being soft or vulnerable.   I feel it would be played in some other worldly club where only the elite cosmic cats could enter.

The EP moves from 90’s influenced house tunes on “Be Free” to neo soul on “How you love me”

The only song on the project I am not moved by is “The Bitch Anthem”.  It’s a song with a host of female MC’s all rocking the mic about their man troubles.  Epic fail.  I feel this is over the top and comes off more like a female complaint panel rather than a dope cipher of serious MC’s. Also with such beautiful vocals and well thought out mantras of love laced though out “Metamorphasis”, I feel this song is very discordant with the flow of the project.

Yet in stark contrast to the latter; the album’s highlight is the bonus track “Sweetie”!  Hands the best vocal production and shows Venus Sky’s range in the most eloquent of settings.  With the harp creating an ethereal atmosphere, Sky crescendos to and holds notes equally ethereal.  Then there are points where she modulates back down in a lower register that shows the mark of a seasoned singer.  I love these kinds of subtle displays of range as opposed to the “bull in a china shop” technique often displayed by many vocalist.

Overall, Venus Sky’s “Metamorphosis”  is yet another amazing project to come from Detroit’s creative class.  It’s well crafted, well thought out, sonically pleasing, and hip.  It’s the kind of music I paint to, and Mr.Sawyer definitely recommends this project.

Take a listen and purchase at venussky.bandcamp.com/album/metamorphosis

Till next time

Yo brotha



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