“Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future.” – Stacey Dash

Greetings beautiful people

I saw Stacey Dash on Pierce Morgan last night defending her stance to support Mitt Romney in the upcoming election.   While stating her political opinion and giving an explanation for her choice, a great deal of her dialogue centered on the Twitter backlash that ensued after she made her stance public.  Minorities appeared to be in a rage and as Dash so eloquently stated, “I just don’t understand the rage!”

Really Stacey Dash?  You don’t understand the rage?  You don’t get it? You don’t get why the blacks and other minorities would be in a rage?  Well allow me to add clarity to your otherwise blurry existence. 

There is rage because despite the civil rights movement, blacks are still disenfranchised in this country.  A white male still has a 90% chance of making something of himself in life even if he commits a crime.  There is a rage because people are poor and the last person they can relate to is some rich dude who is clearly out of touch with at least…. let’s throw out a number…hmmmm I don’t know, 47% of Americans.  There is a rage because the current incarnation of the Republican Party wants to control women’s’ bodies.  There is a rage because the LGBT population is the new “black” circa 1955-68.  There is a rage because of the pun that you Stacey Dash are the “Clueless” actress…..you really are the fucking “Clueless” actress!

If you don’t’ know why your ex fan base is angry, then I would like to put a new law on the ballot. This law allows a lesbian, black, pregnant woman who is considering abortion because she is poor and her job doesn’t offer her health insurance to be allowed to beat some sense into you and the ignorance out of you!  Stop acting brand new!  Your entitled to your opinion, but don’t break rank and act like the people weren’t going to react.

Till next time. 

Yo brotha




One thought on ““Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future.” – Stacey Dash

  1. Loud, ghetto, studio applause. LOVE IT.

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