“Monday” a poem by Tylonn J. Sawyer


Sometimes to make it through………. you have to go to extreme measures

Set fire to every photo  you’ve ever taken

Drink until God’s leaves your head

Put your fist through every mirror you see your reflection in

Never listen to music again

Never paint another picture


(Completely disconnect)


Smile…………… but never let there be anything behind it

Be empty as a void

Dark as the abyss

Smile……… but don’t you dare let there be anything behind it

Speak with an even tone

Carefully plan out every chuckle, every pause

Appear present, but never really arrive

Don’t ever arrive

Tell them you agree with everything they say

Hug tight like you’ll never embrace again

Use every muscle but the heart

Be a magician

Always give the illusion of love

Smoke and mirrors are appropriate tools

Dress in synthetic skin

It’s the only way you’ll survive in this atmosphere

Read the papers………. you’ll have something to talk about

Know a little about a lot

Never a lot about a little

That way they’ll believe your smart

You only know one language

So speak it well

(James Carol III)



Do these things to make it through

Extreme measures

Fake is the new real

Honesty an out dated policy

No one wants the real you

They won’t except the real you

They rather nail you to perpendicular pieces of wood for your candor

Never tell a lie

Rather……….. be dedicated to a delusion

Believe it like you believe the earth is flat and what goes up will stay there

Find peace in being pretentious

Find hope in being a heretic

It’ll give you edge to walk on……….but always afraid to jump from

Sometimes to make it through……

………you have to go to extreme measures


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