The God in You? Really??

Greetings beautiful people

If you didn’t know; your comrade in arms Mr. .Sawyer believes in God.  More specifically I’d say the Christian perspective of God.  For my non believer friends, I know the idea of a virgin giving birth to the flesh incarnation of the Supreme Being sounds like a good Ridely Scott film plot.  This contributes to my continued belief (sci-fi buff).

The idea of Christian mythology fascinates me, and challenges me to think of new, creative, and at times logical ways to justify some of my beliefs.  I have yet to figure out a way to justify Moses spitting the Red Sea and leading his people out of Israel in any scientific terms.  Give me time. I’m an artist and a creative one.  I’ll come up with something lol.

With that said, while I share this belief system with millions and millions of people on this planet, I find that I disagree with a great deal of contemporary Christian beliefs.  The one I will focus on for this blog is the idea of free will.

Most Christians believe that we as humans have been given free will by the creator to do what we will with our time on this planet.  This is the reason the Christian concept of damnation is possible.  If you do bad things, then you go to Texas….or hell, whichever is worst.  If you do good deeds then you go to heaven.   I’d say the ideal of hell seems to have universal themes strung throughout it, where as the concept of heaven is different for everyone.  For some people it’s 40 virgins awaiting you.  For others, it’s pretty lights, clouds, and vegan meals.  Whatever your concept of heaven or hell, we believe as Christians that we have free will, and our actions, while alive, will determine which one of these two places we will go to in death.  By the way I didn’t forget purgatory, it’s just not that relevant to what I’m about to get into.

I mention the above things in context of a compliment I paid someone, who gave all credit for his accomplishment to God.  Now, rest assured when I accomplish something good, I always give the lord his praise.  I thank the lord so often, I’ve stopped entire conversations with 17 plus people to say personal grace and thank him for a meal.  I get the concept of praise. After all, what deity doesn’t want to be thanked and worshiped?

Yet the thing is, in all my gratitude to the creator, I’m not so indoctrinated in this belief system that I believe that “I” don’t have anything to do with any of my accomplishments.

I can thank God for giving me innate talents and potential, but it was me who choose to practice, study, and refine these talents.  I can thank God for the opportunity to do good things like sharing what I know with students, yet I’m the one who does hours of prep and research to help my students out.  When I paint something I like, I can thank God for the opportunity to do what I love.  Yet I’m the one who chooses to stay in the studio for hours working at it.


Back to the compliment I gave my friend.  I told him to take a little credit for himself, and another person told him not to, and that he was a vessel for the lord.  Hmmm.

I’ve heard of demon possession, but never God possession, which I think is a great concept! Do I believe it?  No, but I might be wrong.

The idea of being a vessel for anyone or anything is too close to “Invaders of the Body Snatchers” or Beyonce’ fans.

I do believe God creates opportunities, movements, circumstances for us to do beautiful things on Earth; yet I also believe the average person is “good” and if given the opportunity to do good deeds, they will.  It’s challenging to think this way in this harsh world, but I do.  I have faith in man, in spite of how f*cked up we are.

Look I am all about praising the lord.  Give him credit!  Give him the glory!  Amen! But let it be known beautiful people.  That while I believe God, GQ magazine, and Mac make up made you all beautiful, I truly believe it’s “you” that keeps you remaining beautiful!

It’s great to thank the lord beautiful people, but please give yourselves some credit too.  You are Gods greatest creation.  The fact you can do so many amazing things, is what makes you the greatest!

Until next time


Yo brotha



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4 thoughts on “The God in You? Really??

  1. Mr. Stevens says:

    Very interesting Mr. Sawyer. Personally I believe that Christians put God in a box. This allows Him to be small and petty (the whole eternal punishment for lust and planting different crops in the same field kind of thing). I do believe in God. I’ve seen way too many things in my life to not believe in something higher.

    I chalk up the possibility of virgin birth and the splitting of large bodies of water to miraculous intervention. If a being can create our universe with a thought, then building an invisible beaver dam shouldn’t be much of a chore.

    Free will is a tricky subject. First God is supposed to be Omnipotent (all-powerful), Omniscient (All-knowing) and Omni-benevolent (all-loving or caring) from the standard Christian point of view. If God is omniscient then there free will is questionable. No choice we could make isn’t already known to God. That implies one or more predetermined outcomes. My ability to choose A,B or C isn’t actually a free choice because it’s already know that I will pick C. Just something to think about. God is way to complex for us to wrap our minds around.

    Free will also questions omnipotence and omni-benevolence. If one of my choices will lead to some great tragedy that will cause me or someone else to suffer and God doesn’t intervene then is He really omni-benevolent? If He CANNOT help is He still Omnipotent.
    A God that will send a person to hell for sin (all sins are equal according to the Bible) no matter how small if a person fails to seek forgiveness isn’t truly omni-benevolent is He/She?

    Demonic possession…that’s a fun one. I don’t particularly believe in the devil, I do believe in evil. Evil in my opinion is what happens when one is disconnected from God. So is the experience of Hell. God is the source of everything we see, hear, taste, touch and smell. God is a bliss that you can’t describe. Being disconnected from that is torment in itself. God is the universe expressed.

  2. I thoroughly enjoy this blog and the commentary by Mr. Stevens.

  3. felicity says:

    Avatars are “possessed by God”, connected to the ‘source’ more like. Amma is an Avatar, you should look her up if you don’t know of her already.

    • Mr. Sawyer says:

      An “Avatar” as I was taught is the flesh incarnation of a deity. ie Jesus would have been one consider one according to the definition, but Christian’s would freak if you applied a Hindu concept to their faith. Amma…do you mean the Hindu spiritual leader? or someone else.

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