Sick, Tired, and Tacky

Greetings beautiful people

I hope this message finds you all well and in good spirits.  The end of the school year is winding down and it’s been pretty busy at my job, which has prevented more in-depth blog post from yours truly.  Children are very time-consuming, even when they are not in front of you. lol.  In any case, I’ll move on.

I was in the hospital almost all last week stricken with a random virus.  I had a headache for a week prior to that and finally decided to go see what was going on in my head.  After giving me an MRI, the doctor concluded that all the demons and monsters in my head are accounted for, so no trouble there.  Then the spinal tap!  Not talking about the rock band!  I’m talking long needles in the spinal column and pain!!!  Then the virus was found!

So after days of being blasted with antibiotics and Novocaine  ( insert Frank Ocean song) I am out to wreak havoc on the world at large!  HA HA HA!!!

Jump back before the hospital:  I have a few paintings on display at “Affirmations LGBT Center” in Ferndale, MI.   It’s called the “Group Pride Exhibit”  and is quite an interesting show.  If you get the chance, please check it out.

Jump ahead to yesterday:  I received a 3rd invitation to show art, in 6 days.  So hopefully that’s 3 additional exhibition opportunity’s.  Yet as I looked in my studio, I noticed that everything is either out at an exhibition, or sold.  Great feeling, but Ty…..get yo ass to work!  In spite of illness, I have to constantly remind myself that Jay-Z is hustling at this moment and so should I.

Things that concern me:  People! Get yo style game up!  I find the older I get, the more I pay attention to etiquette.  I’m tired of going to events with people who completely ignore the rules.  I went to a play last weekend to see a friend of mine perform and was appalled at what some people had on.   I mean t-shirts, hair not done, old sneakers….what is this foolishness!?

We are grown ass people!  Get it together.

Guys: Put on blazer with the jeans.  No blazer?   Try a button up!  Get a haircut!

Gals:  No dreads?  Then damn it, you betta have that hair done!  Try a dress; they make them especially for you!  High heels are a favorite of mine, but I know many of you rebuke them in lieu of these new tacky flat sandals.  Hey, whatever!  Oh, and by God!  Beat yo face!  If you don’t know what the reference “beat” means, then get a gay friend immediately!  You need it!

My disdain for my people down dressing is at an all time high.  I noticed it first a couple a months ago at my friend Phoenix’s album release party.  This was a real classy event where people showed up with back packs, sweats, Chuck Taylor’s and a host of other foolery as attire.  Epic fail!  Get yo style game up!  Leave the back pack at home, we don’t do college libraries.  If you don’t care how you look, at least care about how your fucking up the feng shui  with your tackiness!  STYLE PEOPLE!  Dress it up and sit yo ass down!

Things I recommend:  Marvel: The Avengers Movie (So entertaining), Patrick Ian Polk’s new movie The Skinny (realer than real), Nora Jones “Broken little Hearts” (Such an amazing album), green tea…relaxing.

Things you should run from:  Contrary people…really?  You don’t like anything?  Any man who says he’s a feminist, O’ God!

That’s random enough for now, take it easy beautiful people.


Yo brotha



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3 thoughts on “Sick, Tired, and Tacky

  1. OMG, PRAISE THE LORD and pass the latest issue of VOGUE! People don’t know how to dress for anything, anymore! I remember having various items in my wardrobe for all occasions: summer dresses, day dresses, evening attire, business formal and business casual, chic casual, bohemian couture, gloves and hats (not just for winter), spring trenches, fall and winter coats and every kind of shoe, particularly high heels—it’s called a wardrobe for a reason!

    Jesus SAVE ME, some of these people come walking out the door looking all kinds of beat down and dejected, for no damn reason! Hair in a scarf, not even a fashionable or colorful head wrap, just dingy and tacky. If I see another pair of Ugg boots or funky looking galoshes…smh. Even on my most incognito days I won’t leave the house without a decently wrapped head, lip gloss and earrings!

    People have no boundaries, and don’t respect themselves or others. That’s why they can go out looking any kind of way, as if that is socially acceptable. It is not! Especially not in the “society” I keep! Oooh, you hit my holler button with this one.

    I am glad you are feeling better. Let’s go to Centaur next week, and I will wear some of my flyyest heels and beat my face like a drag queen in a Broadway show! Promise, promise!

    Love you much 🙂

  2. Best blog ever! I’m glad you’re okay and I’m glad you’re back to writing!

  3. sean360x says:

    Mister-illi Sawyer-anilli (REALly ? you got RELEASEd & up in that HAIR & ear-ring? – LIVE!), you had some t’ings to get OFF your chest (& MIND), huh?

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