The Unnatural Response to a Natural Beauty or maybe Perms make some People Nice

Greetings beautiful people

Being annoyed at the public and media paying attention to that which is most superficial is like being annoyed at a baby that cries for its mothers breast.  It’s what they do.

We live in a society of the vain, conceited, super superficial, and worst.  Anything that means the least, seems to attract us the most.  We live in a twisted world, where there is no freedom from the latter.  Those who believe themselves the most righteous are often the most guilty of these (so called) negative traits.  It has been my observation that only homeless people and small children are free from the burden of vanity.  The homeless, because they dress for survival and children because they have poor taste in fashion and grooming.

This blog has been precipitated by a discussion I had with someone over how media and social network members frantically adorned Viola Davis’s hair choice at this past Oscar ceremony with tons of attention and praise.  This seemed to annoy some individuals, who with their most oppressive sense of self righteousness, thought that everyone should discuss her Oscar performance rather than her hair style.  Now considering I’ve been hearing about Viola’s performance since last Summer in just about every media source, one might figure that was enough.  Also considering her recent stylistic “upgrade” (the wig at the Golden Globes was the worst!) , we might think that some attention should be given to her hair and dress, but noooo!!!  Let’s stop being our image obsessed selves and not mention a black woman personifying a natural beauty during a platform, when everyone else is being anything, but natural.

Viola says, that she was tired of people talking about her image.  Bullsh*t!  Stars love that!  That’s a line fed to the public from a publicist to give the illusion of humility.  America’s number one gross national product is the entertainment industry.  Like any industry, it has standards that it must abide by in order to sustain itself and put out the best possible product.  You have the occasional person who pushes the envelope, but if they are hot enough, then they will become the new standard.  A new product to be judged, mass produced, and sold to the public.

Is a woman having natural hair something worth talking about at the Oscars?  Yes.  The reason I am correct is because it happened!  The reason I know this is correct, is because it got under the skin of people who looked just like Viola.  It pissed off some individuals who tried to convince us that it wasn’t worth talking about.  They want to make you believe that image isn’t everything.  Some individuals speak with such a harsh and sharp tongue about the twisted portrait that is our society, when in reality that same society is just a Dorian Gray like portrait of themselves.  I acknowledge the vain monster I can be.  

I just wish some of these judgmental natural hair meeting attendees would as well.

Viola Davis was gorgeous at the Oscars and her performance was good in the movie was well.  There.  I’ve spoken about her talent.  Now you can get off of the social media sites complaining about our superficiality and get back to picking your fros. locking your locs, twisting your twist, or brushing your waves like I do….cause just to keep it real, I am natural hair brotha myself.

That concludes my rant beautiful people

I apologize for the lack of blogging, but I’ve been painting, teaching, and working for the kids!  Ty loves the kids…lol.

till next time

Yo brotha



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