Down and Updates!

Greetings beautiful peopleImage
I hope this blog finds you all in good spirits and that this year has been more pleasant than the latter.  If last year was awesome, then let’s hope it continues.  This is the first time, I’ve sat down I’ve sat down to share my thoughts in the last few months.  There are many things I’ve had on my mind and for the sake of time time and my patience, this will be a random thoughts/ catch up blog.   
I’m currently participating in 3 art exhibitions simultaneously, and I must say, that while it’s taken a lot of time and hard work, it feels good to have my art out there and being viewed by the public.  I’ve found that the artistic community in Detroit is full of wonderful and welcoming people, and I hope to make many new friends as this year progresses.  
Now one might ask, yo Ty!  You’ve been out of grad school since 2003, why the f*ck you just now showing work!  My reply, after a punch to their throat would be, that this is the first time since moving back to Detroit in 2004 that I’ve had the time to consistently paint.  For the past few years I was working a 9 to 5:30pm job, that was corporate,  high stress, draining, and was basically the place where dreams went to die.  Last April I was laid off and left broke with nothing but time to look for a job and paint.  So that’s what I did.  
After months of painting and looking for a job, in September, I ended up with a descent little collection of paintings & drawings, finding a job with an organization that focused on arts-infused education and additional college teaching gigs.  Somewhere in that time span like 20 or so other horrible things happened, but at least some roses grew out of all that sh*t.
So here we find Mr. Sawyer is an okay space appreciating the blessings and still living through some curses.  That’s the way life goes, I guess.  
Amazing music out right now.  
Esperanza Spalding ft Algebra “Black Gold”.  Man! This song just does it for and makes me feel rejoice in my blackness and feel all the corny sh*t it suppose to make me  Nevertheless, the musicality and the vocals are disturbingly good! 
Madonna ft Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. “Give Me all Your Love”.  The song is just ok, but I love the video.  Madonna has put out better dance tracks than this. Yet there’s something about Nicki in a cheer-leading outfit and M.I.A. (the queen of anti consumerism collecting that pay check) both in blond wings dropping it like it’s hot as the request of Madonna that just gets me going!  


Azealia Banks “212”:  My friend and resident deity James Carol III, put me up on this one.  This girl is a beast of a rapper and she can actually sang!  I watched some live YouTube performances, and she has pipes.  Her music is extremely subversive, but in a way that Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, and Niki Minaj, just isn’t.  There’s nothing remotely PG about her music, so check her out with cautious ears, if you ain’t ready to hear that raunchiness!
The next person who tells me that I put too much sugar in my coffee or says, “Want some coffee with that sugar.” should be destroyed.
I believe there is a such thing as stupid questions, usually asked by stupid people.
I worry about the world being in left in the hands of this new generation of idiots.
Janet Jackson is thin again…YAY!!!!
Till next time
Yo brotha

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