Review: Full Disclosure: Neco Redd

Artist: Neco Redd

Album: Full Discloser

Style: R & B, Urban Alternative, Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, Spoken Work, Nu Wave

This artist could go on tour with: Erykah Badu, Joi, Res, Outkast, N.E.R.D, Cee Lo Green, Gnarls Barkley, Janelle Monae’

Greetings beautiful people

I’ve been reviewing more music this month than I have in recent years, but maybe that’s because people are releasing music that I can actually dig. This is a rare occurrence in light of the minimal productivity of artists like Lauryn Hill and Outkast. I find myself looking to the underground for something special. I look to the hustlers of their craft and those with the facility to move my weary soul. So it gives me pleasure to give my third album review this month of the lovely and talented Neco Redd’s mix-tape “Full Disclosure”.

This album has been in rotation for the last week on my I pod and is showing no signs of loosing momentum. Neco Redd has presented us with a 15 track tapestry, that shows this urban alternative artist at her creative best. The project opens with the song “Angel” which samples the stirring key stroke and then full beat from Kanye West’s “Runaway”, on which Redd gives us obviously better sounding harmonies, as she sings, “How wonderful would it be, if you realized your no better than me?” The track is probably the most subdued on the entire project, but will bang the glass out of your car.

From here the album rocks out in a nu wave fantasy party that I’ve been dying to go to. Her melodies and harmonies are funked out mantras “Out of my League” and her vocals are pure love on “Love Somebody”. My personal favorite is “(Hate on Me) Rock Star”. It is a heaven wailing opus to self empowerment for both men and women. Neco begins the song with a screech that evokes Axel Rose’s intro to “Welcome to the Jungle” right before she states, “Keep my name out yo muthf*cking mouth!” She champions for the little man/woman and tells them they are a rock star! Lord knows I need to be told this occasionally, and now I have it on mp3! Ain’t life grand?

This project ranges from poetic breaks over jazz moments “Queen Heroin” to down south juke joint blues drenched in hip hop soul “Caved in….”
Let me be Ty for a second….Frank can’t speak for me. There isn’t a song here I don’t like! This is the standard I think contemporary soul/ urban alternative should be at.

I would say buy this album, but she’s giving it away for “Free 99!” That’s right, goto her website: and download the mix tape for free.

Well that’s my time beautiful people. Please leave comments and spread word to others about the blog.

Till next time

Yo brotha


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5 thoughts on “Review: Full Disclosure: Neco Redd

  1. Ebony Neco Washington says:

    Thank you Ty! I love it! Thank you sooooo much! Shout to Nation of Groveton Finch!!


  2. Kay says:

    I totally agree with your review. The album bangs from beginning to end. Neco Redd is what music needs!!

  3. Downloading it now! I cannot wait to hear it!!!

  4. MyGodComPlex says:

    Great review, and you have echo’d my thoughts about this album… And what’s crazy, is there is a different song stuck in my head everyday… That indeed is the standard for what is considerd a classic…

    Also check out the mixtape version of the album at:

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