Jenny Saville @ Gagosian Gallery 2011

Greetings beautiful people

She draws and paints so well it just makes me mad!  Damn it Jenny!  For those who don’t know this is my favorite artist!


I don’t know what it is about this image of this young girls’ head that keeps attracting Jenny to it, but she’s painted it numerous times over the past several years.  I think this is gorgeous.  The brush strokes, the flesh tones, and how wet & volumetric she made the lips.  Winning!


These drawings/paintings are beyond amazing.  They’re influenced by Leonardo Divinci’s nativity scenes.  Especially “Virgin of the Rocks”.  One of the greatest drawings in art history….get familiar!






Thanks for stopping by, and please feel free to leave comments or links to things you think might interest the rest of the cool kids!

Until next time

Yo brotha


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One thought on “Jenny Saville @ Gagosian Gallery 2011

  1. Debra Goertz says:

    Thanks for posting these! Yeah, it made me mad too! And made me pull out the big paper and charcoal!

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