Album Review: Inohs Sivad “No Goodbyes”

Artist: Inohs Sivad

Album: No Goodbyes

Style: R & B, Jazz, Pop, Hip Hop soul, Euro-soul

This artist could tour with:  Kem, Brenda Russell, Randy Crawford, Maysa,

Greetings beautiful people

“No Goodbyes” is the 3rd full length LP from Detroit soul artist Inohs Sivad, scheduled for release 10/22/2011 on Sound Thought Recordings. Let me just say, this project was one of the biggest surprises for me this year. As someone who is familiar with “the formula” of soul music, and someone who is familiar with this artist; I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised (and I hate surprises).

Rather than create just a collection of love and social conscious songs, which I was expecting, what Inohs Sivad has managed to do is create an understated concept album. If Kandinsky created paintings of what he though music looked like in color and stroke, then Sivad has created music in what she feels color and form feels like in painting.

The album reads conceptually as a, unconventional requiem to Inohs’ late mother Deborah Ann. It’s not so much as a tribute, but rather evokes who and what Debra Ann was. I admit, I never had the pleasure of meeting her (Deborah Ann), but one listen to “Metamorphosis” and I get the impression she was a woman of God, love, music, and magic. All the previous adjectives are exactly what this song is.

Each chord, boom, bit, snare, strum, and key stroke evokes the appropriate emotion for all 12 tracks. At times I want to nod my head and smoke an “L”….(which I don’t do by the way). Other times, I want to cry, and other times, I want to dance.

“With Me” is the kind of classic song, one loves to hear. Here lies an amazing pop song, with a lovely melody, poignant lyrics, and just a piano & stings accompaniment. While her version of pop lives in the realm of soul, this is the kind of song that was meant to be covered and is just an amazing moment on this project. Oh yeah, and just wait to you hear the high note she hits! She’s given me so much!

“Gotta be Good” is great mood music. It makes me feel happy in the same way that Groove Theory use to make me feel back in 97.

I mean I can dissect the album song by song, but this review would be 10 pages of me pointing out wonderful elements of this painting. The music, song writing, arrangements, sentiment, the color, the shapes, composition, the hue, etc. It’s fine art. The woman has the voice of an angel and the soul of an artist. She’s still winning!…. (Charlie Sheen reference)

Until next time

Yo brotha


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2 thoughts on “Album Review: Inohs Sivad “No Goodbyes”

  1. You are just killing the review right now! Why was I holding my breath? I love how you write/review music. It’s not pretentious and it’s dead on.

    As one of the songwriters for the album, I love, love, love this review!

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