Random Catch Ups

Greetings beautiful people

Today we find Mr.Sawyer without a specific topic, but rather another blog about random thoughts and concerns.  They come in no particular order, but all hold some importance in the province of Ty-Land.


Some really good music  has come out lately!  Lenny Kravitz latest album “Black & White America” is his best work to date, in my humble opinion.  I know Lenny is a big star and has won his fair share of awards, but for all his longevity and celebrity, I don’t believe he’s ever made a good album.  He has great songs through out his career, but you have to search through the whole of his catalogue to find them.  Every time I listen to a Lenny album, I usually dig 2 songs 3 at the most.  Actually, maybe I’m not being entirely honest here.  I think his “Greatest Hits” album was a great album.  This time around he brought it.  My favorite song is “Looking back on Love”, but the rest are really solid.

While we are on the subject of black rock.  Joi and Devon L. Woodson have collaborated to form the music collective “Hot, Heavy, & Bad”!  They recently released a mix tape of the same name with modern interpretations of classic rock songs.  I think it’s brilliant!  The cover of “Flesh Failures”  from the play “Hair” is f*cking amazing as is their rendition of Johnny Cash’s “Flosem Prison”.  Check it out!  Get familiar.

Also check out:  Lykke Li “Live I-Tunes Session”, PJ Harvey “Live I-Tunes Session, Asa “Beautiful Imperfection,  and The Beatles “1’s”


Jenny Saville is having a show in NY right now was we speak!  9/15/2011 thru 10/22/2011 at Gagosian Gallery in Chelsea.  AHHHHH!!!!!


Started a great new job!  So far so good.  I’m the program manager for a non profit that provides the service of art-infused education to youth in Southwest Detroit.  Ty loves the kids!

On a more negative note, former friends have been demoted to acquaintances, and acquaintances to, “Hey! Do we know each other?”  status.  Sometimes time and distance causes this to happen.  Other times, people say really f*cked up things to you at the wrong time, on multiple occasions.  I’m all about maintaing friendships as long as you can.  “As long as you can!”


Torchwood: Miracle Day…..f*cking sucked!

Trueblood….weakest season yet, but still a good show.

Project Runway……..fabulous!

Bad Teacher…… Hilarious!

Bruno Mars cover of Amy Winehouse’s cover of “Valerie” by the Zutons is so disturbingly well done!  Right now male vocalist for good r & b/pop John Legend and Bruno Mars.

Well that’s my rant until next time


Yo brotha



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2 thoughts on “Random Catch Ups

  1. adrienne says:

    Hey, I think I still know you…Congrats on the job! Art + kids = a job that suits you much better.

    • Mr. Sawyer says:

      Thanks Adrienne! Some woman came up to me in the bank this past Saturday asking if my name was Ty. A bit confused I said yes, and she went on to talking Adrienne without flenching. I clarified that she was referring to you, and she stated, “Yes. Then I asked her if I had ever met her. She assured me yes, but no file was found. I shook her hand as a gesture of reintroduction and she just stared at me like I was pure (not evil) sarcasm…lol.

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