The Art of Craig Paul Nowak

Greetings beautiful people

I had the pleasure to attended  an art opening this past weekend of an amazing young figurative painter from Michigan by the name of Craig Paul Nowak.  His paintings are large in scale and they show a primary focus on the portrait (a sensibility I share).The paintings were presented in manner that shows his classic facility as a painter, but contemporary ideology as an artist.  There are images painted on multiple wood blocks pieced together like a puzzle.  Other paintings consisted  of a beautiful self-portrait done on multiple sketchbooks, meant to be an interactive work.  Nowak stated that he wanted to viewers to write some thoughts in the books to help complete the peice.  A most cool conceptual component if I do say so myself.

I will say in all honesty, this is one of the best figurative art shows I’ve seen in Michigan.  Looking at each work, there were little surprises everywhere.  Words decorated the backgrounds and gave informative narratives about the artist life.  The use of surface materials and impasto, I found refreshing.  Finally the consistency in the overall presentation, made the space itself look better.

Check out images from the exhibition in the slide show below and enjoy.

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Artist info:


Current Exhibition:

“6 Degress: The Art of Craig Nowak” 8/27/2011 thru 10/29/2011

Cass Cafe’

4620 Cass Ave

Detroit MI 48201


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