Lady Gaga: You and I (F*cking Brilliant!!!!)


Greetings beautiful people

So except for her last video for (Edge of Glory), I would say that I’ve loved every single one of Lady Gaga’s videos.  Mind you, I don’t always dig the songs, but her ability to translate an idea onto the screen is amazing.  While her videos are usually in very short format (average time 5 minutes), they typically have an epic feel, that rivals most films.

I anticipate her  videos the same way I anticipate the next Jenny Saville painting.  They are usually filled with so many surrealist images, there is no need to have nighmares…she’s put them all in the video.

Here she gives us everything from bloody ankles walking on a country road, steampunk bride of Frankeinstein  esque attire.  She’s a mermaid, she’s a nymph, she’s Bob Dylan, she’s an S & M victim, and to top it all of she’s in f*cking Nebraska!  What the hell happens in f*cking Nebraska?  Apparently all this crazy sh*t!  Lol.

I love this video……. it’s just the kind of visual fix, that gets me off!

Until next time

Yo brotha


p.s.  The song is amazing as well!  Great pop power ballad!

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