Kehinde Wiley World Stage: India, Shri Lanka, and Isreal

Greetings beautiful people

Here are a few images from renowned figurative artist Kehinde Wiley done over the last 2 years, continuing his “World Stage Series”.  Wiley takes us on a visual journey to lands that may seem both exotic and misunderstood to those of us here the Western world, (India, Shri Lanka, and Israel).  In a recent article from Flaunt magazine, Wiley discussed painting the young urban hip hop culture, from other countries.  As usual he uses young men from the area as the subjects of his paintings and re-imagines them in some art historical context.

I love that Kehinde Wiley keeps improving with each series, not only in terms of facility, but over graphic impact of his images.  I’m blown away at how he incorporates the traditional design aesthetic from a geographic location into the composition of the subject. Also his paintings are becoming more colorful, which is always a good thing, in my opinion, for a painter.

Check out the images below and enjoy.

Yo brotha


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