My Life and a Time with David Blair

I’m a bit disturbed that this is the 3rd blog in a row that has to deal with the death of an artist.  I hate the theory of three’s.

For those of us on the art scene in Detroit, David Blair was kind of a big deal.  The man was an amazing poet, singer/song writer, musician, performer, teacher, friend etc etc.  I’d get tired of typing all the things this man was a master of…lol

To be honest with you, I’m having trouble really excepting the fact that Blair is gone.  Maybe the reason is because, he became integrated into the indie film that is my life.

F.Y.I. This tragedy was not in the script.

Blair was always there on his mark remembering and delivering every line brilliantly!

He was my friend and eventually became my neighbor.  The majority of our conversations weren’t what I’d call actual conversations, but more like mini interviews.  I was always asking the questions.  He was always answering.

As opposed to a Lucian or Amy, David Blair was the admirable artist, that I could touch.  Who I could ask all the challenging questions that I feel all artists want to be asked but seldom gets the opportunity to answer.

We spoke last Monday and conversed about his travels, Siberia, what it’s like to live as a full time artist, and Lady Gaga.  Yes David Blair liked Lady Gaga!  Weird?  I know right?

The conversation concluded with a hug and a “see ya later”.  I never tell people goodbye.  It’s a but too finite for me.  I adopted this ideology from my father and despite my consistency with incomplete departures, I see now, how “goodbye” would have been the appropriate thing to say.

I always saw Blair as an older version of myself.  He was part of a goal made flesh if you will.  He was different.  Different from anyone I know or can think of.  He was thought provoking, strong, sensitive, and at the end of the day a humorist.

My favorite poem by him was the one about Stonewall and the one about Little Richard and the one about Nina Simone and the one about Joe Jackson and, and……you get the picture.  My favorite song by him is “That’s Entertainment”.  It embodies how I see the world and 99% of the people in it.  Told you guys, he was kind of a big deal.

David Blair you are missed.

Yo brotha


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One thought on “My Life and a Time with David Blair

  1. I loved this. Thanks for sharing. I hope one day you’ll recap some of those interviews with David Blair. I love you.

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