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I’ve meaning to write blog on sports for a while now, but with such a VAST knowledge of the subject where do I begin? The last part of the last line was sarcasm, in case you didn’t know.  The truth of the matter is that I know very little about sports aside from the fact that occasionally sporting events are aired on television and causes a large percentage of the population to go into a frenzy.  I haven’t done the math, but I’m sure it’s the majority of the planet who watches sports.  This explains the large number of people in psych hospitals.

Honestly I’ve never been that interested in playing sports, aside from basketball.  The irony to this is that, I am a terrible basketball player.  I mean if you choose me for your team, at best I can foul someone on the opposing team to the point they’ll be too injured to play and give us an advantage.  That’s it!  I’m pretty good at football, but the sport bores me.  Most other sports aren’t acknowledged by me.

A few thoughts on the subject: Sports

Extremely skilled.  These individuals are the best at what they do.  Considering sports, on average, involves physical activity, these people are the gladiators of our times.

I’m often confused that since so many American’s love their athletes and idolize them, that so many American’s are overweight.  If figure if you want to be a baller like Dwayne Wade, then why not exercise as often as he does.  That way you can have the glory and the lean body.

You win some you loose some:
I like that in sports you either win or loose.  There is no middle ground.  Sports has made this full proof in that on average, at the end of the game, the team or individual with the most points wins.

The team or person with the least points will be the looser

Now I have personally observed “denial” morph into psychosis when a desired team looses. Example:  If (Fan A) wanted Miami to win the NBA championship this past season, then (Fan A) is now in shock.

(Fan A) will spend hours in barber shops arguing statistically that although it is a fact that Miami lost the championship that according to some bazaar extraterrestrial math formula, that Miami really won.

This argument is not exclusive to barber shops.  It can take place in bars, family reunions, street corners, water coolers etc.

Sports provides jobs to many people and generates tons of revenue.  How much of that goes back into the community, I don’t know, but let’s keep smiling and moving along shall we?

In a crazy world:
Underdogs are the best position to be in.  Usually a team with inferior skills to win a notable amount of games will be considered the underdog.  The thing that I find fascinating about the underdog, is that they will always be loved, praised, and supported by fans and know-it-all’s alike, but they will never do anything of any real note.

They won’t win any championships

They don’t have particularly good records

If they have good players, they usually suck at working collaboratively
Hmm, they just kind of suck

Hometown glory:
I have never rooted for a team just because they were the local team of whatever location I was living in at that time.  As a native Detroiter, aside from the Redwings, our teams kind of suck.  It is because our teams suck, that I can’t bring myself to support their continued failures.
Sure many factors go into a team being a loosing team.  These factors include poor coaching, player injuries, team development etc.  Oh most importantly loosing teams develop as a result of not obtaining more points more often than the other teams.

I think if a loosing team represents your hometown and consistently looses, then hometowns should re-evaluate rather that team accurately represents them.

For better of for worst:
I notice that the better a player is, the more they seem to be disliked by those who claim to be die hard fans of sports.  While it would seem that someone who knows a lot about sports and knows that (Athlete A) has far superior stats compared to (Athlete B) who love (Athlete A), nothing could be further from the truth.  The die hard sports fan will hate (Athlete A)!  They will smear his/her name in every conversation about sports.  (Athlete A) will be the witched burned at the stake in the Salem of the die hard fan’s mind.

For basketball sake: Kobe Bryant, Le Bron James,  Michael Jordan, and countless more have all been victims of their own athletic superiority. If only they’d been average to bad players, then they’ll truly be loved.

Well that’s all for now.

Until next time

Yo brotha



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