Album Review: Jill Scott “The Light of the Sun”

Artist: Jill Scott

Album: The Light of the Sun

Style: Neo Soul, R & B

This artist could tour with: Herself, Ledesi, Marsha Ambrosius, Amel Larriex

Greetings beautiful people

So here we are again with yet another review by yours truly.  Understand that the views expressed in this blog are those of one Tylonn J. Sawyer.  No matter how god-like my words may seem, please people!  This is the opinion of an artist, blogger, and part time deity, so don’t loose your head.

Jill Scott’s latest released entitled “The Light of the Sun” debuted to a pretty rainy day here in Detroit.  I’m talking torrential down pour!  Yet despite the rain and much like the temperature, this album is blazing.

I believe it’s her best project since “Words and Sounds Vol. 1”.  It’s as if we no longer have to ask the question, “Who is Jill Scott?”  This work answers it explicatively.

Musically, it’s the same jazz infused r & b that we’ve come to expect from Jill.  What pleasantly surprises me, is the sprinkle of hip hop added into the mix.  See the opening track , “Blessed”, where Jill is almost rapping as opposed to singing while  her alto flows like the breeze.

“Shame” the projects first single is a resinates and I can just see it a staple at family reunions and basement card parties.

One thing I had to get use to with Jill is rhyme scheme (if any at times).  Listening to her over the years, I wasn’t sure if she cared about melody, so much that she just cared about the vibe of the song.

Now I’ve noticed that she’s always had a great sense of melody, but her writing style is so spoken word influenced, she doesn’t find it necessary to use a particular rhyme scheme (if any).  I’ve come to appreciate the lack of predictability in her words.  It keeps me on my toes.

The song writing on this album comes off self assured and without effort.  Nothing sounds labored over, but everything sounds (not quite serendipitous), but rather when Jill only knows how to create art.

I know men love Jill Scott, but this album is a sonic feminist manifesto.  I believe it’s her most lyrically aggressive project and at no point in time, does she come off vulnerable.  The album is called “The Light of Sun”, and like I said previously, Jill is blazing em!

“Le BOOM Vent Suite” is superb!

So all in all, I’m glad some good music has been released  lately.  Jill Scott, who almost lost me there for a minute, has brought me back to the light.  Get this album….or else!

Until next time beautiful people

Yo brotha


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One thought on “Album Review: Jill Scott “The Light of the Sun”

  1. adrienne says:

    On my sister’s urging, I finally downloaded this on iTunes last week. I know, I know…I’m late. But I remembered you reviewing this so I thought I’d drop a comment on here and concur that the album is that deal.

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