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Greetings beautiful people

So as some of you know I am a figurative painter who concentrates mostly on portraits.  While I love capturing the essence of a subject on canvas I came to realize a while ago that the subjects I’m attracted to just happen to be as restless as I am.  Thus, working from photography has become second nature.

Now while my main intention with taking photographs has been to achieve nice compositions and colors for paintings, over the years I’ve become somewhat proficient at photography.  Mind you, I’m no Matthew Rolston or Dave Lachapelle, but I do what I do.  Just thought I’d post a few images over the last 3 years that were either for personal viewing or just didn’t make the cut in a post.

Some of them have slight composition issues that caused them not to make it, or they weren’t relevant to anything at that time.  I still like some of these for various reasons and I hope you enjoy them.

Till next time

Yo brotha


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