Real Women = Larger Women? Come on now!

Drawing by: Suzzane Boissy

Greetings beautiful people

Whenever a woman over size 9 enters the picture, they are referred to as “real women”  by other women who deify them because of their curvaceous hips and large breast.  When a woman of thinner stature walks into the picture, she’s considered the skinny bitch and where as little respect is given, lots of envy and hate are.  This is a kind of de-facto antiestablishment stance some women take.  I disagree 100%.

That’s entertainment:

Now I’ll be the first to admit, I like my pop stars skinny.  I see no reason to praise a celebrity who doesn’t have what it takes to hit the treadmill everyday and diet like crazy to fulfill the unrealistic standard of beauty I’m helping to perpetuate.

Is it cruel to expect so much from another human, specifically women?  Sure.  Life is cruel, I see no reason to think my standards should be any lower.  Yet let it be known that this harsh standard of beauty couldn’t have been made possible without the support of so many women.

“Finally, they got some real women around here!”  Get the hell out of here with that.  Just cause a woman weighs over 140 ibls at 4 ft tall, doesn’t make her a real woman, just like being skinny doesn’t make her a real woman.  Being “born” with a vagina or being as fierce as Rupaul and Johnny Weir makes you a real woman.

The thing that I find interesting is that the “real woman have arrived” comment usually comes from a woman who has taken a stance as being a feminist.  Equal rights for everyone eh?

Let it be:

I received criticism on my previous blog site for stating my opinion that I thought Alicia Keys was getting too fat.  The highlight of that post was the stripper that wrote in to say that I would probably think she was fat.  No comment.  Keep in my mind she’s not a pop star and I hold strippers to a completely different yet equally as stringent standard of beauty that I may come back to in a future blog.

Pose for the camera:

I know women are bombarded with images of supermodels and actors everyday with thin/waifish bodies and airbrushed faces.  Young girls are being told from the time they can understand that they aren’t good enough.  The entertainment industry has a standard that few are allowed to go beneath.  While I understand how wrong this is and if I had a daughter I’d tell her, she’s perfect just the way she is, I also understand what it takes to maintain a fantasy.

That’s what the industry is, a fantasy….a very lucrative one.

The desert of the real:

Now keep in mind I have friends of all shapes and sizes.  I personally don’t care how big or small any civilian is.  Yet I admit for some of my larger friends, I am concerned for their health.  I don’t have any thin friends who aren’t height/weight proportionate; so except for the occasional extreme sport cliff dive, their health is not in question.  I think being in good shape is a necessity for every human.  We are only given one body and we should take care of it.  If your body is a temple, shouldn’t it be  pristine?  Not everyone thinks this way.

Look.  Beauty is in the eye on the beholder, the photographers, fashion editors,  stylist, models, and artists.  Real woman know this.  I read an interesting blog about a month ago from my friend and fellow co blogger Natasha “Theory” Jackson about liking her feminism a little “gray”.  I thought it was one of the most poignant and articulate essays from an author about feminist philosophy that I have ever read.  Any woman looking to challenge the womanhood of another woman because of her size should take a read.

Any woman looking to get pissed because I know for a fact that every guy (ah fuck it, every girl) would choose Rhianna over a Jill Scott any day should stop reading this.

Till next time


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2 thoughts on “Real Women = Larger Women? Come on now!

  1. adrienne says:

    Sometimes I get evil stares by large women when I walk into the gym to work out. I didn’t stuff all those cookies in your mouth to make you chunky. Don’t blame me for your size. And don’t call me a b*tch just because I have the self-discipline to work hard to maintain mine. So on behalf of little people everywhere, thank you. 🙂

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