Art: The High Cost of Living

Greetings beautiful people

Hope that all is well with you and that you are enjoying this lovely Michigan weather, if you live here.  If your elsewhere, then I hope you’re having a great life in the sunshine.

As an artist it gets difficult to get out and enjoy the sun, unless I’m going to paint a landscape (which I’m not going to do).  So I spend a great deal of time in my north lit studio painting, drawing, and dancing the day away.

Just thought I’d post a few things,

“The Boy”

11 x 24

Red Ink on paper


This is a drawing I worked on yesterday and today of my little brother.  I’ve drawn him over a 100 times and painted him while he was growing up.  He just turned 15 last week and this is the first image I’ve done of him since becoming a teenager.  I’ve got a painting or two in mind of him coming up, so stay tuned.

My brother is the best model and since he’s seen me do art all his life, he’s had a fearless understanding of the process and is always willing to let his big brother immortalize him (arrogant little %@**!).

I like using red ink and quill  on paper to give contemporary images somewhat of a classic feel.  I’ve always been an admirer of Rembrandt  and Michelangelo’s  cross hatch drawings, so they’ve heavily influenced my style of drawing.

“Dr. Kotomaraju”

16 x 19.5

Oil on Canvas


This is a painting of a doctor I did a few years ago.  I seldom showed it and almost forgot I had it until I moved and found it while  I was going to sell it to the doctor, but he became ill and took leave.  I didn’t feel comfortable calling a sick man, asking him if he wants to buy a painting.

I think it’s one of the better portraits I’ve done, and the first time I had ever painted anyone with glasses.

“Unfinished Self-Portrait”

11 x 14

Ink on paper


This is an unfinished drawing I did for a competition last summer.  I didn’t like the nose, so I abandoned it and started another drawing not pictured here.  The thing is, now looking back, I think this was on it’s way to being a much better drawing than the one I ended up going

I think it only took about an hour to crank this out.  I was on a mission, and I wish I could channel that kind of speed all the time.

“Robert Anthony Kotaran:  We suspect that you may know more than you’re letting on”

4 ft x 5 ft

Oil on canvas

Work in progress

This is 1 of 2 large scale portraits I’m working on.  After 2 years away from portrait painting, I’ve decided to go back, with fresh eyes and wanting to create work that was a bit more ambitious.  This is the biggest portrait I’ve worked on and one with many challenges.

Tony is good friend of mine who also happens to be one of the nicest people I know.  Thus there is a challenge in getting the expression of suspicion just right and to give the painting a life like quality.

In addition to the scale of the painting, there is the challenge with the plaid shirt.  I’ve never painted plaid before so I’ve been figuring it out as I go.  I kind of know what to do now, but only after I painted the damn shirt over like 3 times  Nice to know that even at this stage, there are things to learn.   Yet there is still a lot of work to be done, so let me keep working.

Well people hope you’ve enjoyed the work and have some good feedback for me.  As usual, be blessed and I hope you’re  having the time of your lives.


Till next time

Your brotha



3 thoughts on “Art: The High Cost of Living

  1. Deekah Wyatt says:

    I love your blog, dude. Your portrait work is beautiful! The little bit of formal painting/drawing instruction I had comes flooding back when I look at your work…so inspiring. Keep moving forward my brotha!

  2. jo181085 says:

    Your artwork is beautiful! Draw me like one of your French girls!

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