Greetings beautiful people

Below are a few thoughts on phone etiquette when calling or receiving calls from Mr. Sawyer

If you call and I’m unavailable, then leave a message:

It is not out of the realm of possibilities that I may not be able to take a call or a call might not go through.  Cell phones have errors all the time.  It is because of these errors and the possibilities of people being in dispose that they have created “voice mail”.  If I don’t answer a call, then please leave a message.

Understand the following and I am very consistent with this statement.  If I miss a call and someone does not leave a message, then I will not return their call.  The only exceptions to this rule are my parents and for some reason, their calls always come through.

I figure if I wasn’t important enough to leave a message, then whomever called me couldn’t have possibly wanted anything worth me returning their call for.

I have a friend who calls and doesn’t leave messages, only to become upset with me that I make no effort to return any of his calls.  Since he knows my no message no return call rule, this leads me to believe that he may have a neurological disorder that prevents him from understanding the fine nuances of cause & effect.

If I don’t recognize your number, then l will not answer:  I’ve had my fair share of crazies with too much access to me in the past.  If we don’t talk often and you’re not in the phone book, don’t expect to hear my voice accept for the voicemail.  In which case, leaving a message will get you a return call (unless you’re an enemy, annoying,, or LA Fitness who keeps trying to sell me a membership even though I’ve been a member since December).

If I call you and leave a message, then return that call:

Please no text messages, no Facebook (especially public replies), no twitter, no myspace, no yourspace, no other social networking outlet.  If I  have the courtesy to give you a call then please contribute to the notion that chivalry is not dead, and return my call.

If your message is vague, then you might not get a return call:  Every once in while I get calls from sketchy potential clients who leave vague messages.  The messages usually go something like:

Hey Ty! This is (insert sketchy name).  Call me, I “might” need a photographer for this thing.

Hello Ty.  This is (blah blah).  Call me.

People!  Leave a short, but detailed message.  If we haven’t done business before, then you need to sound like your ready to do business.  I’m not interested in what you “might” need.  If you need my services and would like to employ them, then let’s talk.  If you want to find out about prices for artwork or photography, then let’s talk.

Yet, if you just want to just chop it up about possibly, maybe, but not really do business.  Then let’s have a casual conversation when you see me in public.

Keep text messages to a minimum: I don’t like text messages: I understand we’re in a world of high technology.  I’ll send a text or two every now and then.  Yet there are people who believe this is a new language.  I can take maybe 3 text messages at max, with vital information only.  Examples of vital information include, directions, trivia answers, dinner reservations etc.  Aside from that, give me a call.

Texting while driving is bad!  Shame on you!  Lol

So chill on the text messages.  From family members this is an especially annoying habit.  I have an aunt who now refuses to speak to me with any other communication other than text messages or e-mail.  It hurts.

On my birthday, all my parents (Mother, Stepdad, and Dad) all either text messaged me or Facebook messaged me.  Yeah, not a good look from the people who raised me.

When people answer the phone only to say, “Let me call you right back!”:  Why the hell did you answer in the first place?  To stop my voicemail?  If you were doing something or on the other end, then call when you can.  Don’t answer and get my hopes up only to be crushed like the dreams of Kobe fans this basketball season.

Lol.  I understand they want to acknowledge that you called and assure you that your next.  Yeah….that’s ….kind of…..annoying.


Till next time

Yo brotha




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