To keep the faith or not


Greetings beautiful people

This weekend I had the pleasure of seeing “Priest”.  It’s a supernatural action flick loosely based on a Korean graphic novel of the same name.  The story takes place in the future where vampires have ravaged the land and humans have retreated to walled cities governed by “the church.”

To combat the vampire menace, “the church” has enlisted the assistance of evolved humans with supernatural like speed, strength, and agility.  These special humans have been trained further in the martial arts and ordained “Priest”.  These Priest are the only humans capable of killing vampires and protecting these church sanctioned walled cities.

Now that’s as much as I’ll give away without spoiling the plot of the movie, but needless to say, I found it entertaining and worth seeing.  Good action and plenty of Clinteastwood-esque lines to keep you amped.

Organized religion

One of the main reasons I choose to mention this movie, is because of the religious overtones that flowed through out.  I loved the take on the Catholic church of the future.  Everything is digital in a dirty industrial state.  Think “Steam punk” via “Bladerunner”.  There are flashing signs that say “Repent!”  There is a recorded message from the Monsignor telling the populous, “To go against the church is to go against God!”  This mantra seemed to be the controlling law in this society.

Faith by numbers

There is specifically one part in the movie that I loved.  Daily people line up outside electronic “confessionals”.  Once in, the person states,”Forgive me father for I have sinned.”,  It is at this point that computer performs a voice recognition and begins to ask standardized questions of, “How long it’s been since your last confession?”  Depending on your answer and what your sin is the computer has standardized advice as well the adequate number of  Hail Marry’s it takes to cleanse ones soul.  Faith by numbers.

This takes organized religion to it’s zenith and back to the oppressive protocol of the monarchy from which modern Christianity was spawned.

The rapture or the lack of

This belief that the rapture would take place yesterday was evidence that many people in our society are in the same sate of mind as the denizens of the walled city from the movie.  While I am a man of faith, I am also a man of reality.  If one believes in the “good book” then one should believe that no one knows the day or the hour.

When an unreliable source that has been proven wrong before offers up another prophecy without any credible proof to back it up, or at least mildly convince us, then why believe?  People believe because it has become a necessity for some to fill a void in their lives.  I’m starting to think that there is no void in me.

Positive thinking as opposed to negative thinking

I was on this kick that putting positive energy into the world would begat positive energy and that the opposite would happen if I thought in a negative way.  Well as with all things and people from time to time we change.  I’m not certain if I feel that strongly about this theory of the positive.  It has been my observation that no matter how positive or negative I’ve been, that whatever is going to happen just does.

While certainly I can see the fruits of my actions (be they sweet or bitter), I have discerned no pattern to what outcome the future holds.

Everything is the way it’s supposed to be

Now I understand the 1 + 1 = 2.  Some things are just simple to see. If one does this, then that will happen.  Yet for the most part I believe that everything is the way that it’s suppose to be.  No matter how good or bad, these things are meant to take place.  I’ll be the first to tell you, that coping with the outcome of bad decisions can as difficult as un-ringing a bell.  It can be the gravity of mars and the pressure can crush you.

These days I find myself being neither pessimist or optimist.  I move forward through the world at my pace and deal with what comes.  I hear people say, “Put yourself in Jesus hands.”  Well, tried that before and life got no better or worst.  As I said I am a man of faith, but I’m also a man of reality.  We must endure.  We must carry on.  As humans we move linearly through time and space.  We can never go back, save for in our minds.

Till next time

Yo brotha



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