There are drums pounding in Alphabet City and it’s calling those “in the know”.  The beat is stretching, the boom is pulling, the sound will not be ignored. We are coming.

There are walls in Alphabet City that have never seen the sun.  They are covered in graffiti , old posted bills, stickers, amongst others things.  This is modern day adornment.  See ancient Egypt and Greece…it’ll all make sense.  The image will not be ignored.  We are coming.

The pavement in Alphabet City is covered with gum, dirt, and grit.  Too many miles have been walked in too many shoes to even try and cement a story.

I often wondered why they would call this place the (Lower East Side).  Maybe it’s because the art risen from it’s bowel’s has a deity-like quality to it, that makes us look east towards the sun.  The spirit will not be ignored.  We have arrived .

The revolution has not been televised, but gotdamnit is  hellified!  “Sean360X” .  I can’t write a simple little article about this cat, because there is nothing simple about a 6ft 2inch, man in a 3 piece suite with a corset and an afro  (to give him 4 more inches) rocking social conscious vibes back by a live band.


I’ve seen it live.  I don’t really know what it is is, but i like it.  Sean360X is an artist.  Simple as that.  I would bet that he doesn’t feel the need to explain everything (if anything) that he does.  Yet I’d also bet that he feels the need to do everything he does!

The limitations of the English language leave me with describing this cat as a performance artist, but  he’s so much more.

To learn more about this artist please click here: Sean360X


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