Monsters 1: “The Fame Monster”

Jean-Michael Basquiat "Untitled" 1982

Greetings beautiful people

Saw an amazing movie called “Basquiat:Radiant Child” and I highly recommend that you all see it or else!  It’s a very inspirational film to artsy types, like myself, that gives great insight into becoming rich and famous from your work, and at the same time gives harsh warnings as to how success can destroy a person.

For those who don’t know, Jean-Michel Basquiat was one of, if not the most prolific visual artist of his generation.  He died in 1988 of a heroine overdose at age 27.  As a legacy to the world, he left behind over 1000 paintings and 1000 drawings. I’m currently 34 years old, and I’m behind schedule.  As oppose to the film “Basquiat” in which he was played by Jeffery Wright, this film is a documentary and not a dramatic biography.  Yet the man’s life was a dramatic biography in and of itself.

I will not recap the movie and give many details because this isn’t a review.  This is an observation and confession.

Wealth and notoriety will destroy and rebuild while obscurity and poverty remain constant.

As someone who is obscure and poor, I admit, I crave wealth and fame. I detest going to a 9 to 5 everyday, working for unattractive people, who seem so utterly boring that the idea of paint drying is always a more interesting alternative than holding a conversation with them.  I hate living check to check or every other check, and needing a raise.  I hate bill collectors calling and someone in my family needing something that I can’t afford.

I want to be rich!  I want to make large sums of money from my art and be known for it.  I want to be on television talking about what I do.  I want the interviews, the bright lights, the late nights, the fast pace life, I want it all!  I want to wake up in the middle of an orgy and not remember what happened.  I want the paparazzi in my face and me yelling at the camera men.  I want to have to cover up that story about me and the star of that one movie.  I want the rehab, and the drama!

I want it all and in the same breathe I want nothing to do with it.  It is my opinion that being poor will never be better than being rich.  Everyone has problems regardless of class.  I would just rather have the problems of someone who is wealthy.  I want the fame because I have an ego that needs to be feed.  Most people won’t admit this, but I do. I long for affirmation and acceptance and I believe everyone does, I just want it on a global scale.  This yearning of mine stems from my own disappointment with myself.  I need this fame to prove to myself that I’m not a failure and that even this late in the game, I can do great things.

I watched this movie “Radiant Child” and saw how I was not alone in my craving to be a star.  I just got to see how it destroyed someone so young.  So I ask myself, I’m I willing to be destroyed to reach my selfish goals?…..the answer is YES.

Till next time

Yo brotha


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3 thoughts on “Monsters 1: “The Fame Monster”

  1. adrienne says:

    Okay, what is that yellow thing? Is that a trumpet or the skeleton’s penis? (I’m sorry–that was my first reaction. And although I normally censor such thoughts, I feel that if I can’t say what I’m thinking on YOUR page, where in the world can I?)

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