The Soundtrack to Your Life” a Challenge

Greetings beautiful people

While having drinks and dinner with my most esteemed colleagues a discussion about meaningful music took place.  It was at this point a proposed a challenge to the table.  Can you create the soundtrack of your life.

Thinking of the whole of ones existence in cinematic terms.  What is the story of your life?  Is it a big budget action movie?  Is it a gentle love story?  May it’s an artsy foreign film.  Whatever the case, think of the plot.  You are the main character, but are you the protagonist or antagonist? Do you have enemies?  What are your friends like and how do they contribute to the over story?

Think of your entire life as a movie.  Give it a name and a general plot.  Finally make a “soundtrack”.  14 songs that would, in your minds eye” describe the mood of your life up to this point.  Now anyone can pick songs that they like, but try to pick songs who’s meaning embodies key moments in your life.  You might not really like the song, but what you dislike about the song, might describe something that was going with you in the 80’s etc.

Gather your list.  Gather your music.  Upload them to “Sound cloud”.  Post them on your face book pages.

“Sound cloud” is a music download/upload sight that allows you to create mixes and make them available for the public to download.   click here to sign up

If you need to download songs you don’t have for free, please use “Frost wire” click here to download

Even I’m having a hard time coming up with material, but it’s fun.  Hope a few of you brave souls partake in this challenge and share some wonderful music with the rest of us.  I’m excited to hear what the soundtrack of your lives will sound like.

Till next time

Yo brotha



2 thoughts on “The Soundtrack to Your Life” a Challenge

  1. adrienne says:

    I want you to know that I’ve thought about this off and on since you posted this challenge. I only have 4 songs on my soundtrack so far, though.

    Track 1: If Not For Your Grace by Israel Houghton. Why? I’m the first-born to a single mother in an urban area. I should’ve had about 3 kids by 4 different daddies by now (I know it’s too many daddies–there would’ve been a chance that I ain’t know who the daddy of one of ’em really was…). You get my point. So it’s by the grace of God that I am where I am and I know that He’s been with me since day one. Hence, this has to be track one.

    Track 2: Workin’ Day and Night by Michael Jackson. This is for my late high school/undergraduate years. Why? I was workin’ my butt off to save money, maintain scholarships, etc.

    Track 3: Weary by Amel Larrieux. Why? As an adult, I’ve attempted a few relationships here and there. Most of them have been disappointing and have left me, well, a bit weary. 🙂

    Track 4: Golden by Jill Scott. Why? I’m taking some risks right now (taking my freedom). Quit my job, went back to school, and trusting God–most of the time!–in this daily walk to realize my dreams. It hasn’t been easy but what’s the point of working to live if you’re not happy? Life SHOULD be golden so that’s how I want to live.

    So that’s my soundtrack!

  2. Dara Brown says:

    I love this Ty!!! I am going to work on my life soundtrack right away 🙂

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