“500” Days of Winter

Greetings beautiful people


I was thinking about this movie called “500 Days of Summer” and how I share so many things in common with the main character Tom. Here are 3.


# 1:  Tom is a male as am I.  I just check my private regions, and as of a few key strokes ago, my male reproductive organs are in tact.


# 2: Tom’s name starts with a the letter “T” , and so does mine.  This may seem like a minor thing to you, but think of the ramifications of 5 letters changing in my name. I could have been named “Tom”.  Then I would be named “Tom Sawyer”.  This undoubtedly would have been the cause of much childhood stress of taunts by my classmates.  Thank you mom for the name “Tylonn”; which I have also been teased for and called “Tylenol” in my youth .  I thought being called “Tylenol” was a horribly non creative insult, not worth mentioning, thus I never took much offense.


# 3:  Another thing that I and Tom have in common is that we are both artists that work a 9 to 5 job that we don’t particularly wish to.  The job pays the bills (barley), but isn’t the worst job in the world.  There are at least 4 more a head of this one.  Being artists that work in such an environment we both share the feelings that our talent is wasting away as each day passes.  We have become content with the mundane.


This movie is a young and hip love story, and that as tragic as it may seems is always the story of my life.  There is a scene in the movie where the main character is preparing for a party, where he expects to rekindle the flames with his love interest “Summer”.  It is at this point in the movie that the narrator points out to us, that this is where Tom is hoping his “expectations” finally a line with “reality”.  The screen splits and, we as the audience get to see two scenes that look exactly alike, but are slightly different.  I won’t tell you much, but it’s revealed that what is “expected” and what “really” happens are just one step away, yet miles apart.


These days after a few professional and now personal setbacks, I’m starting to feel this is my life.  I can always see the big picture, but it’s always the little things that make it fail.  I’m wondering am I expecting too much?  I mean those who set the bar low, do a hell of a high jump.  Yet those who set the bar low, never do anything amazing.


So it’s in my nature to observe the source of these setbacks and look at any past errors that may have similarities.  The one constant is “people”.

There is saying to the affect that you should never put your faith in people, only God.  I get that, but if you don’t put faith in people how will you ever make a connection?  I was involved with someone for a little over 5 years.  I put faith in them and they let me down.  Did that destroy my wanting to connect with others?  No, not at all.  Yet I’d be lying if I said it’s now a bit more difficult.


Despite my tough exterior , I share many of the same emotions with you Earthlings.  I get happy, sad, angry, etc.  I just cover it up better, but I am a man of action, if nothing else.  It’s through my own actions that I try to practice living up to the expectations in my head, which don’t always a line with “reality”.


At my most self deprecating moment, I ask; Am I setting the bar too high?  Is it wrong to try my best to send out good vibes, and expect God (<–not a typo) ones in return?  Is it wrong to respect others and expect equal respect back?  Do I expect too much from people?


My first instinct is to answer each of the later questions in a manner that is positive enough to gain applause from an audience on Oprah.  YOU GET A CAR! AND YOU GET A CAR! AND YOU!!! Sorry I couldn’t help myself; Oprah moment.


Then Mr. Sawyer wants to speak.  His answers are not as light hearted or positive.  See I’ve always been a very adaptive person.  The equal and opposite reaction some may say.  These are not good days beautiful people, but they are much like yourselves, beautiful.


I find beauty in the break down (props to Frou Frou) and always manage to emerge a more cynical version of myself.  My life is an indie film, never shown in sequence.  There is grainy cinematography, interesting characters, a tragic yet realistic storyline and most importantly has a kick ass soundtrack.  The name of my movie would be “The Syndrome of Human Evolution: A Love Story”.  Keep watching the trailer and stay tuned for the featured presentation.  It’s going to be amazing.


Till next time


Yo brotha




One thought on ““500” Days of Winter

  1. LaShaun phoenix Moore says:

    It is perfectly FINE to expect GOD vibes in return for what you put out.

    Your expectations of people aren’t too high. It’s just that sometimes you see how folks can excel much sooner than they realize it for themselves (if they ever see it at all).

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