28 Drawings Later: February Challenge “Drawing #1”

"The Step Father" Graphite on paper 11 x 14 (Work in progress)

Greetings beautiful people

An artist on Facebook by the name of  Victoria Evans posted a challenge for the month of February similar to the National Poetry Month challenge.  She challenged every artist and non artist to do a drawing a day and post it.

I found this intriguing, to say the least, and was compelled to participate.  The rules were that it didn’t matter if the drawing was finished or not, good or bad, sketch or masterpiece.  You just have to draw!  So here is the first one for me.  A very crude first passing of a drawing of my Step Father.  It’s not finished of course, but I think I got a pretty decent likeness even in this initial stage.  Stay tuned for a new piece of art from me every day this month.

Oh yeah I can’t forget its “Black History Month”!  Yeah!

Peace and blessing to all my black people and everyone else.  I love you all no matter your color, I’m only concerned with the content of your character.  But since we, black folks,  get a whole 28 days to celebrate our race, I’m going to do it.

Until next time

Yo brotha



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