“My Response to My Previous Blog: How Self Indulgent?!”

Greetings beautiful people

So I decided to write something in response to my previous blog about dysfunctional relationships.  Anyone who read it should have picked up that it was to be a sardonic look at relationships that “I” have experienced. I can say with certainty that all the things that I listed I’ve either experienced or did them to someone else.  As my ex would say (and a little too often) hind sight being 20/20; I can reflect on these things and laugh to myself.  It’s my therapy.

This reply has been precipitated by a friends comment, concerning my subject matter.  This friend stated that while they found my blog somewhat funny, that they didn’t think that in reality anyone would really want that kind of relationship.  Well I disagree!There are people in this world who are so broken that they can’t function in a stable environment.  These people are harbingers of misery (usually), and they often make for the best ex girl/boy friends.

These people don’t necessarily have to be sh*t starters (but it does help); These people are meant to be a kind of sympathetic antagonist in the independent film that is your life.

They provide enough interest to get ample screen time and dialog, but there is always a twist.  I am a movie buff, so usually I see the twist coming a mile away.  There is nothing new under the sun, or the covers.

I’m sure everyone who read that previous work of a certified asshole can relate to something in there.  It takes at least two people to make a relationship.  That means in order for it sustain, then they both must be willing to sacrifice.

Now usually people sacrifice time with friends, their own dreams, their own desires etc to be with someone in a dysfunctional relationship.  Giving up these things can rip your soul asunder.  Self esteem is meaningless.  You’ be surprised what a person is willing to sacrifice to have someone near them.

So myself:  I suck at relationships for a variety of reasons.  The most important I believe is because, I myself am too self aware.I’m aware of every rude thing I’ve done to my spouse and or ex spouses.  I’m conscious of every slight elevation in my voice.  I’m aware of every one of my bad moods, my good moods, my highs, my lows, my comings, my goings, my leavings, and my staying.

If you know how you are, why not regulate your behavior Ty?  I’m glad you asked.  The reason for the continued emergence of Mr. Sawyer instead of Tylonn is because no one I’m with or has been with has been willing to walk into the wilderness with yours truly.

I am enigmatic, in that I want to be with someone outwardly loving , kind (but not weak), intelligent, funny, talkative, but a good listener, good looking, out going, decisive, open minded, good at sex, loyal,  and finally, but most importantly they should be of great character!

I don’t think this is a lot to request, but then again I don’t think Katy Perry should be allowed on U.S. soil. So go figure.

I want you to know, it is my intention to entertain you and hopefully you think some of the work here is informative, worth while, and funny at best.I believe in love and all that good shit!  I’ve seen too many people dear to me find love not to believe in it.  I want to be clear that my experiences in this matter of love dose not  negate my belief in love.

This is a rare moment from Mr. Sawyer and you bastards better embrace it!  Cause after this, it’s back to wreaking havoc on all this socially acceptable!

Till next time

Yo brotha



One thought on ““My Response to My Previous Blog: How Self Indulgent?!”

  1. Incredibly powerful follow-up. I appreciated the original post, too. I love you (and I owe you a phone call after prison art selection tomorrow)!

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