“Woman’s Work” A Question for the ladies!


Greetings beautiful people

I have a questions for “ALL” female artists out there.  No matter what your discipline is, this questions is for you. 

Considering what your art is, how imporatant is it, for you, that your voice as a “woman” be heard in your work? Why?


2 thoughts on ““Woman’s Work” A Question for the ladies!

  1. Ty,
    For me, it’s extremely important. My experiences as a woman are so central to my approach to life, that there is no way that I can separate it from my artistic expression. On the flip side, I tend to gravitate to towards female artists who explore femininity…on personal and social/cultural/political levels. Excellent question.

  2. Been waiting ALL WEEK to reply to this message! I think that women have historically been expected to be the good little princesses who wait in a high tower for their princes to come. We’ve been trained to just take our plot in life or be beheaded (reference The Other Boelyn Girl). So much of my artistic expression has to do with feeing myself from those sterotypes. It’s like a rage to say, “I’m here!” “I’m valid” “I get to be valid without you qualifying me!”

    After years of physical and emotional abuse, years of being subjected to magazines that define beauty as something other than me – my talent and my ability to express it is one of the only non-judgemental vehicles I have.

    My voice is necessary. My art gives me a safe an healing space to dare to be the truest expression of myself.

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