A Life in the Day of Mr. Sawyer

Greetings beautiful people

I hope this year has been going well for all of you and that your receiving your blessings in abundance.  I’m doing my best to stay true to accomplishing the items on my knock list and remain sane.  Take for example this past weekend I did something I had been meaning to do for some time now. I acquired a library card!


I know those of you reading this blog are thinking, “Your 34! Why the hell don’t you have a library card?”  My only response to that would be, “Have you accepted Jesus as your lord and personal savior?”  If you have; you might find it interesting to know that the same kind of personal security is obtained through owning a gun or a sword.  Neither of which would require you to go to church and testify as to the victims of your wrath should you choose to use your gun or sword.  Back to the library card….

So since I decided to read more often, I thought a library card might be a cheaper alternative to hoarding books like I’ve been doing all these years.  You’ll be happy to know that I obtained 3 books from the library, 2 of which I’ve almost finished.  This makes me happy.


While reading quietly in my apartment, I got to thinking about finally getting rid of cable TV.  When I lived in New York, I went an entire year without a television and was perfectly fine.  I figure if I get rid of cable, I will save money, I’ll focus more in reading and art making, and I will have an excuse to go to my friends homes and watch television.  This is starting to sound like the perfect plan!

Then I thought about how quiet the library was.  I mean, I have never been in place that quiet!  Uncomfortably quiet.  It’s the kind of quiet you’d imagine exist inside of Waka Flaka Flames brain during a math test.  You get the picture.

So these people kind of floated across the floor, because walking would make too much noise.  Walking is what I did, and that’s why I received many stares.  I was making too much noise.  So as I sat in my apartment I decided that the lack of television would leave my place too quiet and that kind of silence would drive me insane!  Thus far, I’m still on the ropes about it, but I’ll let you know.


I’m still reading and again my thoughts wander away.  I say to myself, ”Self! Because that’s what I call myself when I’m talking to myself.”  I say “Self! Maybe you should get a dog!  This I quickly realize would be a mistake.  Not only does my building not accept pets, but my lifestyle would not accommodate a dog.

I mean you have to feed and bathe this dog(I find it too expensive to feed myself much less a dog and I bathe myself, quite often) .  You have to take this dog to the vet( I barely go to the doctor).  You have to walk this dog so that it doesn’t defecate in your house (I drive everywhere and have the decency to use the toilet when I have to defecate) .  You have to play with this dog(I only play music and dvd’s).  Essentially you’d have to care for the dog, and since first and foremost, I don’t like dogs, this would be a challenge.  I told my friend Julius of my thoughts on acquiring a dog, since he had two himself.  He laughed at me and told me that would be a terrible idea and that I would make a terrible dog owner.  I thanked him for his honestly and wiped the blood from my slashed wrist.

Random thoughts:

So as I paced myself in reading, the thoughts slowed down and right before I was done for the evening a few more popped into my head.  Like, writing this blog, finishing my grant application, writing a letter of recommendation, doing a new nude self-portrait in some kind of painful position, doing laundry, making a t-shirt before summer,  growing another mohawk, going out dancing, and finally nothing.

So until next time beautiful people

Yo brotha


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