Attempt to stop smoking…yet again..lol

Win a grant

Change  my occupation

Forgive everyone for everything prior to 2011, but never forget

Make money as an artist

Dance more

Get a new tattoo

Travel to Texas, Las Vegas, Atlanta, New York, Chicago

Get a new passport

Be a bit more honest with others and myself

Get in better shape

Redecorate my apartment

Read more books

I will not accept anything I see as average

Spend more time making art

Send less text messages

Blog more

Work with children again

Spend more time with my family

Dress better

Keep in touch better with Reno, Apollo, Evan, Jason, Chris, Sammy, and Gordon

Save more money

Do video blogs




One thought on “2011 THE KNOCK LIST

  1. Looks like some great goals. I have no doubt that you’ll accomplish them all!!

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