Alyssa Monks at David Klein Gallery 10/23/2010

Greetings beautiful people

Last evening myself and Aricka (Piph Rocka) Forman attended  the show opening of, contemporary figurative painter,  Alyssa Monks at the David Klein Gallery, in Birmingham MI.

Monks paints sensual images of women and the occasional man.  As of late it’s been mostly figures emerging from water or behind foggy shower glass.  The abstraction in the image as a result of her ability to paint water, kind of creates a “baptismal” effect between the subject and the viewer.

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I had seen many these images on her website, but seeing them in person was an experience in and of itself.  Looking at Monks images online, the surfaces of  the canvas look very slick and polished.  Although when you look at the images in person, they have a way more painterly quality (brush strokes) to the surfaces than I expected.

There are tons of interesting brush strokes and a degree of bravado in the technique,  that only contributes to the mystique of her images.

Aricka at one point mentioned that one of the images reminded her of the furies (from Greek mythology).  There is constant movement and an eerie touch of life in each painting.  Even in a frozen images the paintings vibrate with feeling.

It was the kind of show that continues to inspire me to paint and get better.  If anyone readoing this is in the Metro-Detroit area I ‘d recommend checking out the show.  You’ ll  get the opportunity to check out an amazing contemporary artist.

Until next time

Yo brotha


You can visit her site at:


One thought on “Alyssa Monks at David Klein Gallery 10/23/2010

  1. darabrown says:

    Fantastic Ty!!! I really have to see her works in person!

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