Willow Smith “Whip My Hair” Official Video


Greetings beautiful people


Okay okay…here’s the thing!  I liked this song the second I heard it.  I  though it was a club banger even if it’s by a 10-year-old.  So I was interested in where they were going to take this.  I mean she’s 10 years old, and I was praying that this child didn’t fall prey to the over-sexualized culture that we live in.

Well, after watching this video, I can  say good job Jada and Will!  You raised a fierce little chick, with talent and commitment to her craft!  This is a great video for children and honestly a great one for adults.

It shows you can be creative, dope, fun, and all without showing ass and titties.  I’d let my kids listen to this song and watch this video.

Until next time beautiful people


2 thoughts on “Willow Smith “Whip My Hair” Official Video

  1. darabrown says:

    I love this video!!! Me and my 3 little-ones danced along three times a row..I am so proud of Willow….and Yes, thank you Will & Jada for giving my 3 year-old baby girl a positive role model. Way to go Smith Fam ❤

  2. I absolutely LOVE this song and this video is so clean and fun!! Thanks for sharing. That girl has some chops!! She can sing. 🙂

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