“Police” Your Suppose to Serve and Protect not Harass and Power Trip!

Greetings beautiful people

I’m writing in a moment of anger after having a light flashed in my face and being told in the nicest way possible by one of Detroit’s finest that I looked suspicious walking out of my building, unlocking my car door, starting my car, and plugging my cell phone into the car charger. Lol!

So I as I put my hand up to block the light (because police lights are bright as hell) I asked him why he was shinning a light into my car.  The cop gets mad and states because he can do that (which he can because he’s a cop)  Then tells me not to move, while he get’s out of the car and comes to my car to tell me.  <—-I know a period doesn’t come right there, but this blog is a run on sentence and I needed a period fast to feel comfortable.  He comes to my car and angrily questions me about why I was in the neighborhood and reiterates that he can do what ever he wants.

My upstairs neighbor has to come and tell the cop I live in the building and that I was just probably moving my car down the street.  So after a little more blah blah fucking blah, the cop leaves.  Only to keep flashing the light into my car.  He finally drove a little ways down, tuned his car sideways in the road, and blocked the street.  Now I can’t move the car because he’s in the way being an ass hole.

It’s been no secret amongst people who know me, that I am very suspicious of the police in light of the many many foul deeds they’ve done and gotten away with because of the protection of a shield.

I understand the stress and strain they can have because of the dangers that come with their profession, but honestly?  I’ve only seen them do more negative than good things.

I still have my work clothes on, so I’m very business casual at the moment. I don’t think thugs and car thieves rock Armani shirts, Calvin Klein dress pants, and Steve Madden shoes.  This cop was being a jerk just for the sake of it.

Do I hate cops?  No.  Do I have a very very strong disdain for the profession?  Yes!

I mean the beatings, child shootings, Sean Bell, racial profiling…come on!  P.A.L. Little league doesn’t compensate for misconduct and abuse of power.  When my friends house was broken into for the 6th time, it took them over 3 hours to arrive.

I know a police force is essential to our culture, but that doesn’t mean I have to like them.  Ya gotta take the good with the bad.

I have a friend who’s engaged to a cop, and she insist he’s not like all the others.  While he’s always presented as nothing but cool in my presence,  I’ve never met him “on duty in cop mode”.  Do I feel uncomfortable being around him?  To a certain degree.  99% of my direct interactions with the police have been negative ones.  He accounts for the 1% if that.

Ya know, I’m just really heated right now.  All this may be the frustration, but highly unlikely.  The police are some fucking bitches sometimes! (in my case more often than not).  I live in a nice neighborhood and the last thing I need while moving my car is another brother with a badge harassing me because he’s on some power trip.

So to sum it up.  Ty got harassed by a cop.  Ty is angry right now.  Ty thinks the cops should suck a dick.  Like a big stupid porn star dick.  Wait not even a porn star, someone with a big dick who doesn’t know how to use it, so when the cops suck it, there’s nothing even remotely appealing about it.

Until next time

Yo brotha



6 thoughts on ““Police” Your Suppose to Serve and Protect not Harass and Power Trip!

  1. Deekah Wyatt says:

    YO! It’s okay Ty WE FEEL YOU One day maybe things will be different. But in the mean time… I’ll consider myself to be an optimist. Just be careful dude. Thank god for blogging cause you could have taken that frustration out in a way that might have ended differently..

  2. La Shaun moore says:

    Deekah, you literally took the words out of my mouth. I would’ve been down at DPD bailing this fool out for either beating the shit out of an officer or for defending him because he murdered one. Breathe, Mr. Sawyer. Breathe. Unreal!

  3. Aricka says:

    I’m irritated and sorry that this happened to you, and that a situation like this continues to present itself in a “modern” culture. It sounds like to me not only is he a racist profiling prick, but that he’s an incompetent “investigator” as well. While I have noticed more activity on my block (what I assume is drug related), I would doubt any of that would transfer to your end even though we’re not that far apart. There’s no reason for it. It upsets me too that this particular police officer has added to your justifiably negative experience. Some folks put on the badge as a means to exercise whatever little power they’re lacking within themselves, and it’s a shame that everyday people are the victims of their self loathing. Their job is not easy, especially in this city. But if you don’t have to chops to deal with the shit, then get off the pot. We’d have less man power, but more effective people who can do the job the way it’s supposed to be done. Just remember: there are people in the world who can separate what they do from who they are.

    I love you,
    Piph Rocka

  4. adrienne says:

    Unless you upgraded to a Bentley since I last saw you, I don’t know what could have been suspicious about your behavior. :o/

    • adrienne says:

      …and that emoticon did not translate correctly! I made a slightly disappointed face, not an open-mouthed face. : o /

    • Mr. Sawyer says:

      Well Adrienne I don’t know
      I was pissed all day yesterday because of that. I’m cool now, but still suspicious of the cops

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