Replay: Sean Bell (Unreleased Track)

“Sean Bell”

Performed by: Lazy Genius

Written by Tylonn Sawyer

Music & Production: J.R. Le’Mon & Julius Gadjos

Sean Bell <——click here for free download

Greetings beautiful people

So “Sean Bell” is an unreleased song we “Lazy Genius” recorded a while back.  Shortly after the trial of Sean Bell we decided to do this song in response to what we saw as a great injustice.  Julius played a sample of some old Russian shit and we were like, “DAMN! THAT’S THAT HOT SHIT YO!” Well maybe not that dramatic, but nevertheless we dug it.  The music men worked their magic and then gave me a ruff sketch of the beat.  I went home thought about how to articulate what we had discussed as a group, and wrote this song.

The crew put their polish on it and the song was born.

It sucks we stopped recording a few months after, because I loved the direction of the song and the music.  Hope you guys dig it and as usual let me know “honestly” what you think.

Until next time

Yo Brotha



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