Previously unpublished blog: Mean is not the new nice: F*ck you and you little Dog Too!

Greetings beautiful people

You’ve all seen the bumper stickers.  Mean people suck!  Well that may be true, but not all the time.  Yet more often than not, they kind of do.

Here is an instance of mean people not sucking. 

 I have a friend who coördinated an  international poetry event 2 years in a row right here in little ol Detroit.  Despite the reputation that Detroit is a dying city and one of the most dangerous,  hundreds came from around the world to fill the Filmore to watch poetry and participate in other festivities.  The event itself was about a week long, but couldn’t have gone on without her coördination.

Now while getting things done, let’s just say she wasn’t the nicest person in the world to say the least.  She didn’t have time for pretense and pleasantries.  She was only concerned with getting the job done.  Sure she yelled at people and there are a few folks who have slit marks on their wrist after a conversation with her from that week, but she still pulled it off.  It took being that way to get something great done.   In this situation being nice would have slowed progress.  Sometimes chivalry is the long road, and you need to be on I-96 during rush hour to get some things done.  Thus being mean worked in her favor.

Examples of being mean sucking. 

A person mean to everyone for no reason.  Someone who is always contrary even when you agree with them.  Um, people at jobs who write bitchy e-mails.  People who think they always have something to prove, when the only thing they really prove is that bitches are alive and well in these here United States.  People behind the counter at any fast food joint with shity attitudes because they’ve been on their feet all day, and smack their lisps because you request little things, like your order corrected.

People who talk shit, spread gossip, are loud for no apparent reason, and use the excuse that their being themselves and fuck what the world thinks.  Well I represent the world, and the world says fuck you, and your little dog too!  If you don’t have a little dog, you should get one, so people can tell the dog fuck you too!

To all you bitter candidates for a perscription of depekote(common mood stabalizer), you need to relax!  If you feel the world or the people in it are so harsh to you, maybe you should take a look at yourself.  More often than not, we recieve what we put out.  If you are a person who puts out negative energy, well expect negative energy to come back to you 3 fold.

This concludes my rant dedicated to the host of simple muthafuckahs , who need a drink, and need to be a little more selfish with their misery.

Until next time

Yo brotha



One thought on “Previously unpublished blog: Mean is not the new nice: F*ck you and you little Dog Too!

  1. LMFAO!!! You have REALLY spit some truth in this one! And you’re right! Had I been uber kind and passive to folks, the event would have gone into debt. I didn’t have time for that shit. So, they got a lashing, and they got the job done.

    That’s how I make magic.

    Love you, Pookie.

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