Replay: The Bricks

“The Bricks”

Written by Tylonn Sawyer & Jason Jeffries

Music and production: J.R.Le’Mon and Julius Gadjos

The Bricks<—–click here for a free download

Greetings beautiful people.

This is another blast from the past.  Originally conceived as a soundtrack song for a movie that was never made.  Since the plot of the movie revolved around the drug trade, myself and the band decided it make some gangsta shit! Lol.  Well I’m nowhere near gangsta… a soldier of love yes, a gangsta? Never!

So J.R. and Ju worked on the music and myself &  Jason began writing.  Jason nailed his verse right off the top.  I came up with a hook and a sub par verse.  After we recorded a version, I listened and thought that my verse was pretentious and obviously not a believable depiction of the drug world.

So I thought, what do I do best?  I paint.  I made it my mission to paint a picture rather than try to convince people I lived the experience.  The second and final version was much better.  It’s one of the rare tracks that incarnation of  Lazy Genius created as a collective.  Hope you enjoy it.

Yo brotha



One thought on “Replay: The Bricks

  1. Umm… Can you just send me a link for the whole album sir… lol…


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