The Producers

My top 10 most influential(living & working) producers in contemporary urban music.  No specific order.


The RZA: Wu Tang clan ain't nothing to fuckwit! Be brought the gutter to the mainstream with some of the grimiest tracks we've ever heard even up till this day! Also scored Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2.



Babyface: The man who's written the most baby makers during out generation, on production. He can make anyone sound good. Whitney needs him bad!

Salaam Remi: Arguably my favorite urban producer. Nas, Lady Dynamite, Lauryn Hill, Amy Winehouse etc etc. Very eclectic sound, but always on point with just the right feeling.

Timberland: This revolutionized the drum sound in hip hop. His creativity is unmatched in hip hop music, and his influence expands the globe.

Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis: The resident muses for the legendary Janet Jackson. I once saw an article with their song catalogue and it's worth. Let's just say DAMN! They can produce anything!

Kanye West: No one man should have all this power! Lol. second only to Timberland when it comes to creativity in production, he can take a sample and turn it into a symphony...and actually has!

Rodney Jerkins: Not a big fan of his, but I will acknowledge his contribution to urban music. The man can make you dance, make you cry, make you laugh, and most importantly make a hit!

Dallas Austin: The most eclectic producer on the planet in my opinion. TLC, Janet, Madonna, Fishbone, Purple Ribbon, etc etc

Rick Rubin: The man who help get this hip hop shit noticed. He's got 99 problems, but being a legend ain't one. He still makes legendary material after over 2 decades. RUN D.M.C. The Beastie Boys, Macy Gray, Johnny Cash, Jay-Z...what!?

The Neptunes: They've worked with every one from Jay-Z to No Doubt. The quintessential urban alternative duo. Their drums have this plastic, soulless, empty BANG! It's like ear candy!


2 thoughts on “The Producers

  1. Blair says:

    i thought you were gonna sleep on Rodney Jerkins…

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