Replay: RUN! ft Theory


Written by Tylonn Sawyer and Natasha Thomas-Jackson

Music & production by J.R. Le’ Mon

RUN! ft Theory <—– click here for download

Greetings beautiful people

This song is one my favorites.  It’s damn near the closest to the direction I wanted my music to go in.  That direction being more of an alternative route.  J.R. created this track that had a signature baseline and a drum & base beat.  I was speechless.

I wrote a whole song and was ready to record until J.R.’s wife said that the beat reminded her of a chase.  At that moment I scraped my original idea, and decided to write about a chase.  People chasing after vices. People being in a hurry to do the wrong thing no matter the consequences.  I wrote 2 verses and thought this would be a great opportunity to work with another like mind.

Theory is a female emcee from Flint, whose music I heard on MySpace and was blown away!  Not only was she gorgeous in appearance, but her flow?!  Let’s just say she so dope, her execution completely matches her aesthetic.  She is an intellect, a poet, an activists, and a kindred spirit who blessed this song.

This was something different for both of us, but when it comes to making art, ya have to be fearless.  That’s just how we are.  Hope you enjoy the free download and as usual please comment on the blog.

Till next time

Yo brotha



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