Replay: Ty Pharaoh

This was the official album cover, designed by yours truly

Greetings beautiful people

For those who don’t know, I use to do music in a former life.  Well its not fair to say that I don’t do music anymore so much as I’m on a break…a very long one.  Two years ago I released an alternative hip hop  project entitled “God, Love, & War”.  It’s début garnered mixed reviews both from critics and myself, and was my first full artistic work using sound rather than canvas or paper.  It took about a year and half to record and had me performing regularly during it’s promotion.  I sold out of the entire batch CD’s and choose not to order more, because if I was to invest  in any of this music again, then it would be with a new artistic twist.  So since it’s been a minute I broke out the album last week and gave it good listen to.  There things on the project that I would totally change .i.e certain lyrical content, mixing, and arrangement on certain songs, but for the most part I’m still proud of God, Love, & War.

So here, in a few upcoming blogs, I’ll be posting MP3’s from the album.  If you want a hard copy, please order one from CD Baby or for digital buffs like me, I-Tunes.  Those who like free shit, can just stay tuned in here.  It’ll only cost you feed back via my blog.  Lol.   With that said, here is the opening song of the album and ironically shares its namesake with this blog.

“Mr. Sawyer’s Opus”

Written by Tylonn Sawyer

Music by D. J. U.N.I.

Additional production by J.R. Le’Mon

Mr. Sawyer\’s Opus MP3 <—-click here for free download

This song is a kind of stream of social conscious.  During its creation I was having a crazy week and the world in general wasn’t doing too much better.  So I wanted to come up with something that expressed how I felt in a moment and could set the mood for additional material on the album.  The track was one D.J. U.N.I. gave me on a beat CD, and when I heard it, I knew I had to have it.  Hope you dig it, let me know what you think.

Alright let me know via this blog beautiful people

Yo Brotha



One thought on “Replay: Ty Pharaoh

  1. adrienne says:

    I got 99 problems, 98 if you wit me, Ty. :o)
    Funny, I ran across this album on iTunes last week just searching for stuff at random. Snazzy cover; you look grown. As for the music, I’mma need a few days to listen and ponder to give the highest quality feedback, but you know it’s rare that I don’t like something that you create.

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