Penny for your Thoughts

Greetings beautiful people

I try my best to avoid talking about work on this blog because this is the one place if any I can get respite from the tyranny of corporate bullshit.  Yet the other day during meting number 2 of 3 my department had through out the week, one of the higher ups during her compliment sandwich rant stated, “You guys need to be more vocal and yell.  We pay you to think.”  Now I honestly believe that she didn’t mean this as an insult, even though it’s difficult to make a statement like that without it coming off like one.  So I’ll be cool about it.  Yet I thought it was an interesting thing she brings up.  Dose my job really pay me to think?  The answer is no.

My job pays me to be the best robot I can possibly be, and damn it I’m pretty good at it.  You see, the thing about being a robot is that sometimes, just sometimes, machines evolve.  Now I would say I’m more of an android.  There is definitely a ghost in this machine.  

You see beautiful people and the corporate world (a strange and bizarre place were the laws of logic and reason don’t apply) you have an establishment run by a combination of brilliant people and idiots.  Sometimes all in one.  It’s a place where people have big ideas and they apply them to a system with confidence.  So while ambition is usually a great thing, in this case it usually fucks things up.

When the higher ups make errors, rather than take responsibility and correct + learn from their mistakes, they scatter like a Nazi blitzkrieg bombing the employees with blame.  Once the population has been destroyed they move in to rebuild, only to make the same exact mistakes again.  Like I said, the laws of logic and reason don’t apply. 

These people don’t pay me to think.  How much money does one pay for insight?  How much are you willing to invest in my knowledge?  Well I’ll tell ya, not enough.  For the little measly pay check I bring home bi-weekly, these people are lucky I do anything other than punch in and share carbon dioxide with the plants in exchange for oxygen.  “We pay you to think.”  Well who gets paid to listen?  No one.  I refer to the higher ups as an establishment because that’s what they are.  A group of people established in their insanity.  Insanity is when one keeps doing the exact same thing expecting a different outcome. 

Artists are paid to think.  Doctors are paid to think.  Writers are paid to think. When I teach college I get paid to think in addition to teach + inspire.  At my 9 to 5, I get paid to make money for a greedy corporate entity disguised as a hospital.  Contrary to what they may think it takes a lot of “thinking” to get one cent for that place.  It takes so much thinking that if I was paid my worth then I’d me having dinner with Jay-Z easily and I ‘d cover the bill!   

So while this blog is precipitated by that meeting, I want it raise questions as to your worth in what ever you do.  Never let someone sell you short, or try to make you feel like your contributions to something isn’t valuable.  I’m already a poor elitist who roles into Studio 54 stunning on these hoes, so just imagine what I think about my marketable skills! Lol.

Beautiful people laugh off their insanity and know that you are mountains amongst mere men. Next time they tell me they pay me they pay me to think, I’m gonna give they asses a bill on the going rate of a brilliant mind. Then watch em fill intellectual bankruptcy.

Be blessed and until next time

Yo brotha



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