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Greetings beautiful people

This will be a bit abstract because that’s the frame of mind that I’m in, so bare with a brotha.  I feel the magic is gone from this place where I’m at.  Not necessarily my apartment, Detroit, Michigan, the U.S. or even Earth, but rather “this place”.  There isn’t one thing that I can put my finger on, but rather a series of things.

The job ( 9 to 5 where dreams go to die) is the same.  The same hell it’s always been, maybe a bit worst considering the new devils.  I try not to focus on it, the nano second I leave.

My current relationship is cool.  I would say I couldn’t be happier, but that would be a lie, and anyone who ever tells you that about their significant other is lying.  So far we haven’t had any major wars, at least from my perspective.  Yet I was fighting a war for almost 6 years, so this definitely isn’t what I’d consider combat.  Yet I’m cool and pleased, things are evolving nicely.

Friends are friends.  Things change, and some stay the same.  I’m trying to adapt to this ever-changing world, but being an alien and all, it’s sometimes difficult to understand your culture.

I’ve noticed this thing.  

I have had 4 best friends in my life, and at one point, all at the same time.  They all, save for one, are either married or getting married.  This might freak out the average Earthling, but I’m from planet Ty.  If you like it, I’ll try to love it! Marriage is cool, ya know, it brings people together financially, and cements an emotional bond under the law.

One of the things I’ve noticed about my best friends’ journey into matrimony is that I wasn’t apart of any of them.  Lol.  For a moment, I thought, “Damn!  That sucks!” LOL

One eloped with his wife, and told everyone later.

One surrounded himself with his fraternity at his wedding rather than his crew from the years prior to pledging

One is living a fabulous single life in N.Y.

Now one is planning a wedding.  *which subsequently I’m not apart of either…lol

I wonder sometimes am I a good friend?  I hear people say that I am all the time, but I’m the last person thought of during the important times in their lives.  Maybe I’m forgettable.

Now don’t mistake this as some pity party, feeling sorry for my self shit.  I’m a ray a fucking sunshine and I’m cool.  Just expressing some thoughts, I have so many. Like here is one.

I’m starting to look for jobs out-of-state.  Want a fresh start.  Want a new set of problems.  I want new adventures.  I love Detroit, but what’s love got to do with it?  YEAH!!  I been waiting to use that “what’s love got to do with it”  line for years, and finally!  The moment presents itself.  Ain’t life grand?

Well that concludes this rant.  I’m working on the next installment of “Art: The Hight Cost of Living”.  Gotta do a bit more research before I get it out, but I’m excited about writing it.

Until next time beautiful people

Yo brotha


P.S.  Just saw the commercial for “Hawthorne” the series starring Jada Pinkett-Smith.  I’ll just say that woman is a master of bad acting.  A master!


2 thoughts on “Weds

  1. J.R. says:

    “Master of bad acting”… classic Tyism

  2. La Shaun moore says:

    Loved this blog! At least I got a chance to read what’s been going on with you. I feel guilty because all of these other things are going on, that I fear you may think you aren’t as invaluable to me as you are.

    I’m not sure if the one planning a wedding is me or Lady Echols. But, if it’s me, you are SO apart of the wedding. You’re invited. You’re taking our engagement photos. And I’d love to talk about all the details with you, but you’ve given me the impression that the wedding process isn’t one that you’re interested in. Further, you’ve been very vocal about how you think a few of your friends are moving forward too soon, so I thought maybe the conversation was too uncomfortable to you.

    I can’t make you a bridesmaid! That would be so wrong!! But, your value to me is something that I can’t even measure. You’re not a great friend. You’re heaven sent. You’re just the teeth gritting honesty I need, as well as the soft touch of compassion that’s required in every relationship. You are a beautiful reminder that I deserve good things. You are the bar that I’ve used to measure my husband-to-be against. You are a necessity. At least to me.

    Thoughts of leaving the city, exploring new opportunities – I think your artsy wanderlust is sparking again. Go with it. See where it leads you. If you decide to stay, awesome. If you decide to leave, I’ve got a dope new city to hang in. But, you are required in my life. No one can take your place.

    See you tonight.

    That’s all I have to say about that!

    Ms. Moore

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