Random things

Intruder Alert by Abdi

Greetings beautiful people

I just realized I only have 2 Djarums left on a pack I purchased this morning so effective immediately Ty no longer gives out cigarettes.  They are  $1 each and the price goes up the less I have.

I’ve noticed some inconsiderate people never have any of their own and always hit me up for a smoke.  I’m a nice guy,  but from here on out, I’m only supporting my bad habits.

Now do cigarettes deserve a blog post on my behalf?  Uh yeah, right now they do.  Hell I smoke expensive cigs that cost more and come with less a quantity than  regular ones.  Buy ya own shit!

What else? oh yeah (ANNOYING PERSON ALERT)

So tonight I walk into a poetry event and greet some friends and people I know.  This lady I know ask me why was I looking mad?  I assured her that nothing was wrong, and I wasn’t even aware I was looking angry.  She persisted to ask me again…lol.  Damn it woman!  I’m fine

Then she kept hitting me tonight in that playful way the Elane did to Jerry on Seinfield.  I hate that shit!  I told her to stop and she did it again as if I was being sarcastic.  I know I know.  It’s hard to tell when I’m being serious sometimes, because I’m always calm, cool, and collected.  I was serious this time.  Lady, keep your fucking hands to yourself no matter how strong the urge to make physical contact with me may be.  We hug with a greeting and let that be the end.

At the conclusion of the event my friends and her where off to get food at Coney, and I told them I would take a rain check.  Once again, this chick, with the questions and trying to guilt me into going.  It’s moments like this people should pay attention to.  You know who your friends are.  You know your boundaries.  You know your place.

I’m not an angry man, but I am a grown ass man!  Madame  please remember that during our future dealings.


Had a cool time camping with my friends this past weekend.  Don’t know if I’ll go again next year. (I’M A CITY BOY)


Physically the most difficult thing I’ve done, and it’s only day #2..lol

That’s enough ranting for now, until next time beautiful people

Yo brotha



One thought on “Random things

  1. You are so yourself, all the time. I love you for that! 🙂

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