Suite of Portraits: Sean Fair 2010

Greetings beautiful people

So yesterday I got the opportunity to flex my photography skills on an up and coming musician and a good friend by the name of SeanFair.  Considering this cat never lets me take any photos of him, I completely took advantage of this moment because I knew it may never come again.

It was a beautiful day in the Eastern Market district of Detroit and the landscape was the perfect setting to capture an artist in the early stages of his career before the make up, stylist, and publicist take over.  This brotha has one of the best voices I’ve heard in my life (and you guys know how critical I am).  The bonus track at the end of the CD is that despite all his talent, there is no pretentiousness or arrogance present.  He’s just an intelligent, easy going, silly, and superb person.

Hope you guys dig this suite of portraits and view them as a moment in time, where you got to witness a future music legend, as simply ordinary people.

Be blessed beautiful people

Yo brotha


Mr. Sawyer was here 7/21/2010


One thought on “Suite of Portraits: Sean Fair 2010

  1. I fricking LOVE these photos! I’m sold! You’re doing our engagement pics. Now let me find some outfit changes and schedule a date with you. I’ve got a few ideas on places we can go to take them.

    You’re something kinda awesome and Sean is absolutely GORGEOUS (i.e., That Boy Fine!)


    Pookie wuz here.

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