Paranoid Android: I know what you doing!

Greetings beautiful people

Instinct versus paranoia.  At times this can be a difficult thing to distinguish.  You feel it in the bottom of your stomach that something might be wrong but you have no proof.  You feel that things are going on, but your not quite sure.  You sit in a crowd of people and wonder if they know.  The answer is yes.  They know.  The conspiracies are true.  The moon landing was filmed in a studio.  Elvis is alive, and Tupac too.  Lol.  I’m kidding, but not really.

I’ve come to realization, that if I suspect it, then there’s probably a good reason why.  I’m not a paranoid person.  I’m actually more of a, I don’t give a damn, kind of person.  Yet there are those times when the thoughts creep in my head.  Then they creep in my heart and finally my stomach.  I’m sure you’ve felt this way.  You are not a psychic.  You have a power of perception that you have not tapped into it.

I stop letting the block of love and bias cloud my judgment.  I’ve reached a point where no one or nothing is exempt from being a potential threat.  Not a threat where ones life is in danger, but rather, ones life may be compromised.

If you open your mind and take in everything filtered through a skeptical eye, you will know the truth.  People deceive.  I deceive. I am a people.  Trust me as far as you can throw me.  I’m a 175 ilbs, good luck. Lol.  Kidding, but not really.

My friends are harbingers of the truth.  The truth hurts and is heavy.  To be a friend to one of my friends ya gotta have a high thresh hold and be strong.  Without those qualities, you’ll perish!

We are tragically human.  Despite my circle of amazing individuals, I always seem to keep that one wild card around.  That one person who’ll lie with confidence.  That one person who’ll try the odds.  I’m an artist, pain is my food.

Beautiful people, I’m sorry to tell you.  There are monsters under the bed.  There are skeletons in the closet.  People are capable of spitting venom.  There are forces behind the scene moving your world towards doom.

This blog isn’t to say not to trust people, but rather to tell you, to trust yourself.  Radiohead has a lyric that says, “just cause you feel it, doesn’t mean it’s there”.  This is true.  Yet more often then not, if you feel it, then it’s there.  Dione Farris “I know what your doing”.  I do know.

Be blessed beautiful people

Yo botha



2 thoughts on “Paranoid Android: I know what you doing!

  1. Tim says:

    I’ve thought of a work-around for the “trust you as far as I can throw you” dilemma. What if I were to throw you out of the window of a very tall building. Distance traveled would be pretty far. Should I trust you that much? or should you trust me that much less?

    PS I would never throw Ty out of a window, well maybe a first floor window just for fun, but thats it:)

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