2010 B.E.T. Awards Review

Greetings beautiful people

The 2010 B.E.T. Awards aired last night hosted by the legendary Queen Latifah and as usual it was a spectacle.  I had to be reminded the awards were on television last night via text, because when it comes to B.E.T. programming, my simple little brain lacks the ability to give a f*ck.  Yet after watching I knew they wouldn’t disappoint me.  Here is Mr. Sawyer’s critique on the biggest night in black entertainment. Lol.  Can’t believe I just said that.

The Host:  Queen Latifah

Have to say that despite an amazing acting and musical resume under her belt, the queen sucked as a host.  I did my best to compare to her predecessors, and she still left me unmoved.  Are you not entertained!  Uh, gonna have to say that’s a no Latifah.

Changing outfits in between monologues to recognizable characters was cute, but I would have rather Cleo host the show, at least I would’ve got some gangsta sh*t!  Her rap in the beginning had me tapping my feet, as a mix tape performance of Drakes, Over.  All in all they might as well not have had a host.  B.E.T. should have  spent her pay on ear monitors and voice lessons for the singers who performed.

Performances:  Last night Hip Hop saved my life!

Before I get into the bad singing, let me focus on the good.  Kanye West never fails to give us an audio-visual presentation worthy of Lucas film.  The artist himself was in silhouette on a mountain with the power of nature projected from a screen behind him, giving us his new single, Power.  How ironic.  Really dug it.

T.I. as usual came through with a high energy performance.  I couldn’t understand a word he said, but he looked good ranting.

Ludacris has one of the best voices in hip hop when it comes to performing live.  He did an alright job, but I loved when Nikki Minaj was revealed in an electric chair equipped with a straight jacket, and crazy hair.  She lip synced the whole show, but when I needed crazy, she gave me 5000 mg of Seroquel crazy!  That’s how it’s done.  Not to mention she gave a rather articulate acceptance speech.  Good job.

Other notable hip hop performances included B.o.B, Eminem, Drake, and the million M.C. march that closed the show. 

The Singers: 

Oh Alicia Keys.  She’s one of the most stunning women in the game, even pregnant, but don’t you wish that voice was as pretty as she is?  I liked her music, prior to this last album, but the older she gets, the worst her tone gets.  I think considering she’s very average in all the things she can do, but superb when she put’s them together, she should always be at a piano singing something that she wrote.  Never step away from the Piano Alicia!  When ever she attempts to dance or walk, nothing good comes from it.  Nothing!

Oh Trey Songz.  While I think he can sing, last night he was as flat as the paint that was drying during his performance.  But, to top it all off, to cover Purple Rain!  Wow!  Yeah, not a good idea. 

Oh Usher.  It was amusing to watch choreography during a ballet go horribly wrong!  Maybe that’s because it’s a ballet!  Once again paint drying.

What the hell was Dirty Money doing?  That performance needed more smoke and a few more mirrors. 

Oh Tyresse.  What the f*ck was he wearing?  The brotha can sing and he has a voice to cover a Teddy Pendergrass song, but doesn’t someone at B.E.T. need their ass whooped for the ladies with panties and bras in their hands in the performance pit?  I’m all for over sexuality in public, but that was nasty.  Kids were watching!

Debra L. Lee

I always wanted to know what one of those pink Hostess creamed filled cakes would like walking across a stage in heels.  Now I know.  One more thing to check off my bucket list.

Chris Brown

This was his redemption song!  He gave an amazing dance tribute, to the late great Michael Jackson.  Yet when it came time to sing, he was too overwhelmed to sing, so he cried.  Lol.  Grow a pair!  Then he wins the viewers choice award!  I love these little dramatic television moments.  The public loves them, and believes it’s real.  “I know I let you down once, I promise to never do it again”.  Lol.  Now all the blacks are going to love him again.  This show was to Chris Brown, what “Chocolate Factory” was to R. Kelly.

Lifetime achievement recipient: Prince

Janelle Monae’ was the perfect person to cover his song, “Let’s go Crazy”!  I mean damn!  She really went crazy, so much so, the cameras had a difficult time keeping up with her.  She wasn’t in best voice, but it was obvious, that really wasn’t the point.

Esparanza Spaulding has one of the perfect voices in music.  Not last night.  This was her chance to prove to the world, that she was that deal.  Yet when the time came, we heard cracks and flat off-key high notes.  At least she was pretty as hell!

Alicia Keys as usual get a C for vocals, but an A for performance.  I mean she got her pregnant ass on the piano and belted out those dreadful notes, I clapped.  When you don’t have it vocally make it up with being visually absurd! Way to go!

 Patty Labelle kicking off her shoes is like Hulk Hogan’s leg drop.  It’s the super move you know is going to end the match. Lol.  Not that she wasn’t good; I’ve just seen that like a million times.  Yeah for consistency. 

Prince gave an excellent straight to point speech perfect for the night.  His music is usually so poetic and intricate in its meaning, it was a nice to hear him just be a brotha, who happens to be a legend, give praise to the new generation.

 All in all, the 2010 B.E.T. awards get a C+ this year.  Yes B.E.T. still continues to make us blacks look bad with an over saturation of meaningless ghetto banter and images.  Yet last night showed there are some artists who still shine and make a statement in color, when everyone else is being Gray at best.

Until next time beautiful people

Yo brotha



3 thoughts on “2010 B.E.T. Awards Review

  1. 2010 B.E.T. Awards Review…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  2. adrienne says:

    No comment on that Denise Williams-Monica duo? Guess you’re gonna be nice, huh? 🙂

    • Mr. Sawyer says:

      WOW! Forgot about that. lol Ah old school meets new school, and they both look like fools YEAH!!! You would look good in that spider web get up Denise Williams was rocking, seems right up your alley…lol.

      not true
      sorry, ya much too fly for that

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