The Tittie Bears

Greetings beautiful people

Those of you are my Facebook buddies and have checked my page from time, will see images of teddy bears heads on hot women bodies.  My friend Tony named them the “Tittie bears”.  I agree that’s what they are, they are Tittie Bears.

At first they were random images of these woman/bear mash ups in scandily clad outfits, and then they evolved into more pop culture images of woman.  More specifically strong, sexually liberated images of the female form.  I’m going to start posting the more finished ones here, and I’ll continue to post the quick sketches I do while on the phone at work via Facebook.  In any case, yo brotha loves feedback both good and bad, just as long as it’s constructive.  Hopefully by the end of the Summer, I’ll have taken them to being on a t-shirt.  Check em out below.  As usual be blessed beautiful people.

Yo brotha


Black Power Tittie Bear

Sin City Tittie Bear

See no evil, Speak no evil, Hear no evil

The Deadly Viper Assassination Squad: Kill Bill Tittie Bears


3 thoughts on “The Tittie Bears

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  2. Daniel Syphax says:

    I would like a Tittie Bear Tee when you start making them!

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