Random catch ups

Greetings beautiful people

(This image has nothing to do with the blog, I just like it)….READ ON……

It’s been 11 days since the last blog and ya brotha has been catching up on grown up matters.  Sorry for the absence.  I don’t have a specific topic, as with the majority of my post, so here are a few random things I wanted to share.

Last night I stood on this 9 story parking structure and watched Detroit’s Annual fireworks.  It was cool to see all the cars parked on the edge and looking out into the distance.  I took some shots with my cam that I’ll post later.  From a distance it looked like a movie special effect.  Everything was larger than life and moved at the slow Godzilla pace.  The flashing lights look the way I imagine it will look when they drop the bomb.  Beautiful and apocalyptic all at the same time.

True Blood’s Queen Sophie Anne Le Clerq: Played by Rachel Wood.

 I first noticed Rachel in the movie “Across the Universe” (if you haven’t seen it, you should take pliers and pull out one incisors without anesthesia).  The queen is a most excellent character!  They changed her age from the book (1100 years old) to approximately 500 years old, but what she lacks in age for a vampire she makes up for it in fierceness and knowledge.  She’s the constant philosophical bi sexual regal bitch.  I love it!

Bruno Mars:  First heard this cat on the hook to “Nothing on You” by B.o.B. and then ‘I Wanna be a Millionaire” by Travis McCoy.  I thought he was cool, then I did some research, and this brotha can sing!  He’s got a great voice, semi ok lyrics, but his tone is nuts.  I purchased his EP from I-Tunes and I have to say it’s pretty cool.  I wouldn’t give it a Grammy, but I would give it multiple spins on my station.  I know you guys don’t check MySpace anymore, but take a second, and give him a listen.


Super powers:  So I been asking my people if they had a super power, what would it be?   The criteria is that their powers had to be extensions of their personality.  I’m asking you guys the same question.  By the way your power can’t be to have every power..lol.  Only Chaka Khan is every woman.  Mine would be the ability to manipulate situations or adapt to them (the equalizer).  Example:  If I had to fight someone with super strength I would develope super strength at least to even out the fight and in the end the better combatant would win, not the stronger.   If someone could fly and I couldn’t I would probably emit a field that takes away their power of flight, so we can fight on equal ground.

I chose this power because that’s kind of how I am.  In life I can adapt to just about any situation put before me or change that situation to something more comfortable to me.  Example, I had to make a swift move a few months ago without any idea as to where I was going to go.  With in 4 days, through thought and action, I had a new apartment in a great neighborhood, close to my friends and all the happenings of the city.   No crying, no feeling sorry, just pure action and progress. 

Example #2:  If you put me in a situation with people who are assholes and make me feel uncomfortable, I’m instantly turning into Mr.Sawyer on they ass.  If I ‘m uncomfortable because of someones idiosyncracies, then Gotdamn it EVERYBODY will be uncomfortable.   lol.  Seriously, I have people who hate me, but at least I gave them a great reason.

Whats your super powers?

That concludes this blog….wait!  Oh yeah I saw this movie called “The Road”.  Based on a book about a man and his son struggling to stay alive after some disaster bef alls mankind.  It’s got violence, cannibalism, great special effects, and a compelling concept.  In the send it was still Snoozefest 2010 this brotha.  The son was annoying as hell and I couldn’t take it!  You guys might like it, but not I!

lol…OK OK OK

I’m out foreal foreal this time

Be blessed beautiful people and take it easy

Yo brotha



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