The Bridge: Get to the F*cking Point!

Greetings beautiful  people

Todays topic concerns the fine art of story telling.  Not necessarily great tales of wonder and excitement, but rather the ability to hold a conversation and to hold someones attention.  You ever listen to a great song, and when the bridge comes, it’s like your favorite part?  From then on out, every time you here the song, you can’t wait for the bridge (Think about that, “walk, walk fashion baby part of Bad Romance).  This is the folly of most people when having convos.  They almost always have to carry on and on about useless details, that much like a poorly edited movie, do nothing to really contribute to the overall theme of the story.

I have a friend, God bless him, who is a perpatraitor of this.  He will carry on about the pavement, the watch someone was wearing, how he took a different route, because he thought the comic book store was on Broadway.  15 minutes worth of details to tell you that he saw Bard Pitt punch a man in the jaw.  What!?

At my 9 to 5, this syndrome is most evident in e-mail and shop talk.  I ask a yes or no question and get long rantings about the work load and the history of such and such and blah, blah, BLAM! I just shot myself. 

Get to the f*cking point!  If you telling me a story or giving me an answer, I don’t want to hear an oral interpretation of A tale of Two Cities.  I want you to go straight to the bridge, cause it’s the best part of the song.  Conversations should be mini movies with definite plots.  They should have great direction, story telling, acting, special effects, and editing.

Long winded people exploit the fact that I’m short on patience.   I know you guys have experienced this at some time or another, but it just happened so that’s why I’m writing this blog.  With that said I’ll conclude.

Till next time beautiful people

Yo brotha



One thought on “The Bridge: Get to the F*cking Point!

  1. Adrienne says:

    I tend to go straight to the bridge with most people. If you start asking follow-up questions, sit down and have a drink ’cause I’ll start over and give all the details then.

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