Free Download: “Blues in the Water” dedicated to British Petroleum BP

Greetings people

So it’s day 38 of the Gulf Oil Spill and BP is still doing everything in their power not to lose money by blowing the pipe.  Their attempt  at packing the pipe with mud didn’t work, so the madness continues.

I admittedly am not the most environmentally friendly guy, but COME ON!  Millions of gallons of oil pumped directly into the ocean!  Their f*cking it up for everybody and everything!  With that said, thought I’d dedicate this oldie but goody to British Petroleum.  “Blues in the Water” performed by yours truly with Big Ju on guitar and J.R. Lemon on vocal percussion.  Click the link below to start download.

Ty Pharaoh-Blues in the Water

Until next time beautiful people

Yo brotha



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